No Retreat no surrender:Sudan plan one million man march to return the nation to civil rule

No Retreat No Surrender! Revolution Continues In Sudan As Protesters Plan One Million Man March To Return The Nation To Civil Rule Amidst Tension…See Details

Protest leaders in Sudan on Wednesday continue to put pressure on the nation’s military council by calling for a massive one million mass revolt demanding power to be handed to a civilian government.

“We are calling for a million (people to) march on Thursday,” this was stated by Ahmed al-Rabia, a senior leader of the Sudanese Professionals Association,

The umbrella body that embarked on the massive protests against ousted President Omar Al Bashir in December.In a separate statement, the SPA said the march calls for “civilian rule” in Sudan, the central demand of protesters since the army ousted Bashir on April 11.

The protesters who kick start the civil unrest in the central town of  Atbara on December 19 over a decion by the Omar Al Bashir’s iron fist government to triple the prices of bread.  The protest finally turned to a civil unrest against his leadership which the military used as an avenue to seize power.

However the military council led by General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan after his predecessor lasted for just a day in the post stated that it will be in power for a two-year transition period. The agitators swiftly turned their protest against the military council, suspending discussions with the army leaders on Sunday for refusing to hand over power immediately.

Thousands have camped outside the military headquarters in central Khartoum since before Bashir was deposed, and have vowed not to leave the area until their demand has been met.

The protesters have been receiving support from United States which has backed them heabily in their agitation for a civil rule.

“We support the legitimate demand of the people of Sudan for a civilian-led government, and we are here to urge and to encourage parties to work together to advance that agenda as soon as possible,” State Department official Makila James told AFP on Tuesday.“The people of Sudan have made their demand very clear,” she stated.

“We want to support them in that as (it is) the best path forward to a society that is respectful of human rights, that respects the rule of law and that would be able to address this country’s very serious issues,” she disclosed.

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On Tuesday some African leaders converge in Cairo at the request of  President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and concluded that there’s  “the need for more time” for a transition according to statement from the Egyptian presidency.

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leaders in the continent under the auspice of the African Union(AU) has issued an extension of three months for the Sudanese military authorities to hand over power to a civilian government, the Egyptian president disclosed.

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The African body had issued a threat to suspend Sudan’s membership if the military failed to hand over power to a civilian leadership within two weeks.SOURCE: PUNCH

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