Harvest of blood in Lagos, as two cult groups go head to head in a bloody clash war

Harvest Of Blood In Lagos As Two Rival Cult Groups Go Head To Head In A Bloody Clash…See Details

About four suspected cultists were gruesomely murdered during a bloody clash on Sunday between the Aiye and Eiye confraternity in Ajah, Lagos Sate.

A reliable source inform the press in Lagos that two suspects were nabbed by men of the Nigeria Police Force, Area  “J” Command, Ajah over the gruesome killings.

A source inform the reliable media platform known as the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that both cult groups have been in code war over supremacy in the  Sangotedo axis of Ajah.Sources disclosed to NAN that the suspected cultist used machetes alongside other weapons in the battle and injured each other.

“The police recovered four dead bodies and deposited them at the public mortuary. Three cutlesses were also recovered from the suspects.“Security has been beefed-up in the area with more patrol policemen deployed. The area is calm now,” the source disclosed to NAN.

Policemen are also combing bushes on the road between Ogonbo community and Abraham Adesanya Estate in the Ajah area for more victims.

Police officers are also searching bushes on the road along Ogonbo community and Abraham Adesanya Estate in the Ajah for more victims. The Oxford Advance Learner defines cultism as a religious or social group whose beliefs are secret, individualistic, and esoteric. Actually, cultism involves carrying out some ritualistic practices. Usually, cultists share some common objectives and ideas. So, they are unknown to the society and also, some cult leaders’ true intentions are unknown even to the members of the particular cult.

So, let’s summarize the main characteristics of cultism: it is a spiritual or religious practice; it is a secret practice; it is practiced by a group of individuals; its policies are unknown to the general public; it has an impact on the lives of the individuals; it’s people have a common value.

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Here are few tips about both groups The Eiye Confraternity and the Black Axe Confraternity who are presently at longer heads and waging war against each other.

The Black Axe Confraternity groupActually, this cultism community was created by neo-black students. Their major goal was the growth of a strong body to confront those black students who suppress them. The symbol of this movement is the axe. Some rules of this group are not to betray; not to forgive; not to condemn, otherwise, you have to pay for it.

The Eiye Confraternity groupIt is known as the  “Air Lords”, or “Supreme Eiye Confraternity”. It was founded by students who aspired for self-development and were dismissive to other types of cultism. Their main opinion became: “there are no enemies, and there are no friends, just a confraternity, and discipline”. The symbol of this movement is the skull and crossbones. Dedy Na debt This particular cult called “Dedy Na debt”, involves the worship of the demon in an image of a mad person. They believe that their deal puts them above all the other types of cultism. All the members faithfully perform an oath.

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