WAHALA-as pastor Chris convert private jet to commercial use

NEXT LEVEL WAHALA! Nigerians Shocked As Pastor Chris Converts Private Jet For Commercial Use- See Interesting Details

The question on everyone’s lips right now is WHAT HAPPENED? Most famous Pastors In Nigeria are known to have fleets of cars and other goodies attached but we have never envisaged any of them converting their private jets for commercial use. Have you?

Well, the gist is that Dr Chris Okafor, the General Overseer of Liberation City church who was rumoured to have purchased a private jet months ago has converted it for commercial purpose.

As expected, the church gave a veiled denial and simply dismissed the report as rumours. Then suddenly the story changed and it was reported that the jet was chartered.

Apparently, it was actually chartered.

Meanwhile, an inside source said that some South African guys who were close to the MOG hired the jet only to convey him to the location of a project they wanted Dr. Okafor to commission for them. He also revealed that the men were known millionaires.

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Revealing further, the source added that there’s another angle to the story.


“The real news is, there’s actually a private jet! Not the one that Legit wrote about. There’s another one. That one is the authentic one. They’re not talking about that because that is actually the jet that the man of God claims his partners purchased for him.

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Apparently, Dr Chris Okafor has been hesitant in openly announcing that he now owns a private jet not knowing how the church will accept the news

Rather, he instructed his partners who allegedly bought the jet to convert it to commercial use on behalf of the ministry. Thoughtful right?

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So right now report has it that the jet is undergoing some registration and customization modification in South Africa. Do we sense some Igbo business traits here?

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Anyway if it’s to keep the ministry moving, why not? After all, some people claim Pastors live elaborate lives on people’s sweat so if this one uses his asset for generating revenue, what’s the big deal? Besides boys are not smiling in the administration.

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If it’s good business and it’s legit, go for it please or what do you think? We know the Bible says God shall supply all our needs according to His riches in Glory and it also says that it is God that gives the power to make wealth one of which is our brains. Do you agree?

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