Before and after pics of will Smith son,Jayden Smith have many questions,If he is on Drugs

Jayden up as the son of the great Will Smith and Jayda Pinkette Smith must be a beautiful……oh, that might just be the problem. Growing up under the umbrella of a very intelligent, successful, handsome, sexy, mutli talented, wealthy, admired mogul is more than enough pressure for any young man. This is sort of the life of Jayden Smith, and we could see this from a mile away.

Every corner you go you will be compared to your dad, or asked about your dad, and in many cases, question why you are not as good as your dad. This can be a heavy toll on a young man. Now there is no saying he is or isn’t on drugs, but anyone who couldn’t see living under the shadow of such a great dad is like walking around with a heavy wet blanket that you just want to break free from, especially when it also leaves you enough wealth to not have so much ambition and live however you wish.

We doubt he is on drugs and the two images may just be a badly groomed edit of an adult man next to his cute youthful image. However, If Jayden really is on drugs, he might just be the non perfect end to Will Smiths perfect story. If this before and after image really does indicate the young man is on drugs in anyway, we surely wish him the best and hopes he learns that just because you are not as great as… doesn’t mean you aren’t great.

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