See 3 Nigerian celebrities that have spent close to a billion in wrist watches

See 3 Nigerian celebs that have spent close to a billion naira on just wrist watches

Fast cars, fancy houses and designer labels are mostly associated with the good life. While many people go through the daily hustle and tussle to achieve this, it is nothing more than the usual for these stars.

The life of the rich and wealthy in Nigeria is constantly in the public eye. From their enormous houses in choice areas to their flashy automobiles, from designer labels to the exotic women that hang around them, it is simply hard not to notice these extravagant lifestyles.

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However, most celebrities in Nigeria never seem to mind the fact that their private life is not so private after all. As a matter of fact, these days, celebrities take to social media to show off their their lifestyle so much that it almost seems like a competition of who owns the latest gadget and whose is more expensive and fancier. Well, this perceived competition of wealth has certainly peeked the interest of many people.

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How these celebrities spend so much money on things as basic as shoes and clothes amazes a lot of people. Here are some Nigerian celebrities who rock designer wristwatches worth millions:

1. Davido

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It is hard to hear the phrase ’30 billion for the account’ and not think of the superstar. Davido is certainly one singer that likes the good life and makes no effort in hiding it.

Coming from a wealthy background, the good life has never been a stranger to him. They say what you wear on you wrist is a clear indication of what is in your bank account and with people like Davido making over N200m from one concert, it won’t be a surprise if he owned a wrist watch making factory just to suite his needs.

Image result for davido wrist watch
Image result for davido wrist watch

About a year ago, the Fia crooner was seen rocking a Patek Philippe Nautilus Diamond 18kt Rose Gold wristwatch worth N30m.

Image result for davido wrist watch
Image result for davido wrist watch
Davido’s Patek Phillippe reportedly worth N45 million

For a celeb like him to buy all his crew member Rolex watches, this is indeed no surprise.

2. Wizkid

It is no news that Wizkid’s career has sky rocketed earning him international recognition. Coupled with his several endorsement deals and awards, the Manya crooner is definitely swimming in money.

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About a year ago he rocked an outfit worth over N2m to Davido’s concert so it was no surprise when he took to his Snapchat to share a photo of a Franck Muller wristwatch worth N439m, we still don’t if was a watch test or he was just testing.

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And to top it all, popular UK jeweler Joseph Frost shared a pic with Wizkid at their store, so Wizkid must have done some shopping.

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3. Hushpuppi

This social media big boy has been one to show off his wealth at any opportunity provided. The entrepreneur and philanthropist who source of income private, is mostly popular for his love for the Gucci brand.

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Image result for Hushpuppi watch
Hushpuppi showed off the Richard Mille with caption ”God’s time is the best, especially when you checking it from a $150,000 Richard Mille Watch. I greet myself again and again congrats and well done (pats myself on the back)’

He has been known to engage in a war of riches with other Nigerian celebrities on social media.

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Huspuppi’s N40m Patek Phillippe

After he had a fight with Phyno and Ice Prince over their wristwatches which he openly called fake, he took to social media to show people the real deal. The Patek Philippe watch is believed to be worth N39m.


Note these are not the only wrist watches these guys have.

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