Watch as a man was robbed off R100,000 in midran–VIDEO

Watch! Man Loses His R100 000 Watch In Midrand. The man was driving a white Porsche car.

A male was mugged of his R100 000 watch at the entrance of the Kyalami Estates in Midrand. The male was mugged on the 31st of March. He laid a case of armed robbery at the Midrand police station. The incident was captured by a CCTV camera.

The man was driving a white Porsche car. He was approaching the entrance of the premises. He was followed by a white VW Polo. Two males got out of the white Polo, with one rushing towards the Porsche driver and the other signalling two SUVs that were also going in the premises to move back. The two robbers seemed to be holding guns. There seemed to also be a getaway driver in the car, who positioned the car so that they could run away.

The two robbers struggled with the driver for little while until one of the males to retrieve an object from the driver’s window. The two men then went on the white Polo and they fled the scene of the incident. The Porsche driver seemed to be following the robbers after they left.

The police spokesperson, Captain Mohlaume Mamabolo, says that the event happened 12:19 on a Sunday. “Two guys carrying firearms and masks got out of the car and robbed the driver his watch worth R100 000,” says Mamabolo.

Mamabolo says no one was hurt during the robbery incident. The police are looking at a case of armed robbery.

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