Nigerians seriously injured in the fresh xenophobic attack-VIDEO

According to confirmed reports, Nigerian owned businesses were targeted as some shops were vandalised and goods stolen in a recent Xenophobic attack which happened on Tuesday in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa.

It was gathered that about eight Nigerians were abducted by South Africans in Evander, north-west of Secunda in Mpumalanga province of the country, but have been released after government intervention.

Some others were beaten mercilessly during attack by South African residents as can be seen in the video below.

Adetola Olubajo, president of the Nigerian union in South Africa, told NAN that the abducted Nigerians were released on Wednesday following pressure by the union on the South African authorities.

Olubajo said Nigerians in Evander had also informed the union about attacks on them in the province.

According to witnesses and one of the survivors, Evander locals went on rampage in the early hours of April 2 and attacked businesses and property owned by Nigerians,” Olubajo said.

The mob arrested eight Nigerians and took them to an unknown destination.”

Olubajo said the union had informed the Nigerian mission in South Africa about the incident.

Christopher Ogugofor, leader of the Nigerian community in Evander, said the Nigerians were abducted from their shops on Tuesday. “They (South Africans) started attacking and looting our shops on March 29. But on Tuesday, April 2, they took away eight of our members to unknown destination,”

he said.

“They were taken to an unknown destination and no ransom was demanded. “We reported the incident to the Nigerian Union. For now, we have taken protective measures and some of our members are in safe places out of the town.”

Watch the video below.

Published at: 07:05 AM, 4/04/2019 (7 mins ago)

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