Angry south African woman urinate in middle of the bank as staff refuse to unlock toilet.

An angry South African woman has done the unthinkable by urinating in the middle of a bank’s hallway after the bank’s staff refused to unlock the toilet for her.

According to reports, the woman alerted and waited for nearly an hour for the staff to unlock the toilet for her. But the bank staff failed her, she grew weary and decided to take matters into her own hands by urinating on the floor without being shaken for a bit that she was in the bank.

In the video posted online, the woman who did not appear to be embarrassed or shaken for a moment spoke as she went about her business and held tightly onto her skirt as other clients waiting to be served in the bank watched in horror.

Watch the video below:

Published at: 11:47 AM, 5/04/2019 (36 mins ago)
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