SA Celebs Speak Out On Xenophobic Attacks Happening
SA Celebs Speak Out On Xenophobic Attacks Happening

SA Celebs Speak Out On Xenophobic Attacks Happening! There are currently xenophobic attacks happening in Durban. This has forced foreign nationals to seek shelter in community halls, mosques and police stations. 

Politicians and the public at large have taken to different platforms to speak out about the senseless attacks and some of our local celebs are using their voices and large platforms to condemn the attacks.

Check out some of the reactions below.


Party Politics aside; HEAR THIS MESSAGE!! Africa Unite! We Are One Africa! Borders are not real they are a man-made construct & we only have each other as Africans❤🌍

Wanjikũ Revolution™@WanjikuRevolt

Thank you @Julius_S_Malema! Enough said! We must end this colonial #UshenziAfrica #Xenophobia

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R.M Phoolo


Xenophobia is some wack shit!!! I don’t understand why my people do that shit to our brothers and sisters. I strongly condemn that shit!!!

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Dr Dlamini Zuma


It is disappointing that our country is experiencing attacks on foreign nationals. These attacks go against everything we stand for as a nation. We reject all kinds of Xenophobia, we strongly condemn violent attacks against fellow Africans.

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Sure Same way those countries kicked South Africans out when they were running from Apartheid for Asylum right? Oh wait. That didn’t happen! Or the same way these countries are not trading with SA or giving us Electricity so we don’t land in stage 10.oh wait. They Are Helping US.

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But you never know who’s doing wat and who isn’t so the best solution is just to kick them all out since none of em are willing to take responsibility and bring the guilty forth!!

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As a girl of Congolese heritage seeing trending honestly breaks my heart. I know people who don’t even acknowledge where they come from out of fear. I’ve been told to do so before too. “Don’t say your Congolese”

It actually brings tears to my eyes. We’re all african.

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Nomzamo Mbatha


No one flees their land of birth, their home, out of choice. We need to do better. We need to end the intolerance of one African to another. We too were housed & tolerated in the dark days of apartheid!

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