My father infected my mum with HIV/AIDS,Popular actress cries her eyes out-VIDEO

You may recognize Christine Njeri from the Tahidi High show where she played the role of ‘Makena’ or as the producer and director of top youth show ‘Teen Republik’. Others know her as a producer at BBC but behind that calm demeanour is a horrific childhood that forced her to grow up fast and at 18, run away from home.

Christine Njeri ‘Makena’ (Instagram)

Christine’s father struggled with alcoholism and often became physically abusive towards her mother to a point that Makena had to share a bed with her mother to protect her from her father’s blows.  The former Tahidi High actress Makena Njeri has left Kenyans in tears after narrating how her late dad was abusive throughout her childhood. The beauty even opened up on how her father infected her mother with HIV/AIDS.

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During a candid interview with NTV, the actress who doubles as a journalist tearfully revealed her father used to abuse her mum throughout their marriage. A brave Makena who thought her mum was going to die said she only learnt of her mother’s illness when she was in Form One. Before finding out her mum was ill, she watched as the woman she loved so much suffered a serious nervous breakdown. Years later, it all made sense when the BBC journalist discovered her mother was actually HIV positive.

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“She went into severe depression and she got a nervous breakdown. So those are the things up to date I still think about, she didn’t have to go through that. After she healed and was back home. My mum was constantly taking medication and she told me it helped with her nerves. As I was cleaning her room, I found the medicine and took the leaflet so that at night I can read about this medication and what it’s doing to her.

“After dinner, I went into my room and opened the leaflet and started reading and the first line crushed me. These are antiretroviral drugs. At that moment my whole life came to a standstill because at that point I thought she is dying,. At that moment my whole life came to a standstill. My dad used to cheat on my mother and it was no longer a secret. I used to bump into him in town while he was in the company of other women.”

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Makena who lost her mum in 2013 said she never told her mother she was aware about her status. She became a grown up at a young age and made sure her mum’s diet was in check and that she took her medication in perfect time. The former Tahidi High actress told her mother she knew about her status just a few months before she passed away.

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And when her mum passed on in 2013 she broke down and felt that it was unfair since the dad was the one who infected her mother. As it turns out the father was a carrier. When they laid their mum to rest, she refused to talk to her father until two years later when he was at his death bed. She finally went to see her dad at his death bed after being convinced by her brother to see her dad before he passed on.

What a terrible thing for a teenager to go through at that age.



DRUG TRAFFICKING-we begged Saudi Arabia not to kill her

Drug trafficking: We begged Saudi Arabia not to execute Nigerian woman – Dabiri-Erewa 
Abike Dabiri-Erewa. PHOTO CREDIT:

Senior Special Assistant to the President on Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Abike Dabiri-Erewa, on Tuesday said the Nigerian government made several pleas on behalf of Nigerians who were condemned to death in Saudi Arabia to no avail.

She said this against the background of a Nigerian woman executed by Saudi Arabia over drug-related matters on Monday.

Dabiri-Erewa said in a statement by her Media aide, Abdur-Rahman Balogun, on Tuesday in Abuja, that the news of the execution of yet-to-be-identified woman was painful.

According to her, it is regrettable that in spite of wise counsel for Nigerians travelling to Saudi Arabia by relevant government agencies to obey the country’s laws, some Nigerians still go and foul the law.

“This particular execution is very worrisome, especially when over eight Nigerians have been killed in the past few years over the same issue in Saudi Arabia,” she said.

She said no fewer than 20 Nigerians are still on death row in Saudi Arabia and that many were in prisons serving various jail terms.

“Our major concern, however, is whether the trial was fair to the convicts as it was not open and some of them were said to be implicated without a defence counsel.

“We are not saying our citizens in Saudi Arabia should be committing crimes, but we want Saudi Arabia to temper justice with mercy especially on offences that carry capital punishment.

“We are appealing again to our citizens to avoid crime and criminality in Saudi Arabia and other countries and be good ambassadors to Nigeria anywhere they go,” Dabiri-Erewa said.

Saudi Arabia’s Interior Ministry had said that four persons including a Nigerian woman were executed on Monday for drug trafficking, bringing to 53 the number of persons put to death for offences with capital punishment this year.

“Two Pakistani men, a Yemeni man and a Nigerian woman were executed in the holy city of Makkah”, the ministry said in a statement.

In 2018, Saudi Arabia carried out death sentences on 120 persons for dealing in illicit drugs and some other related offences.

Birthman networt and asset exposed

Birdman net worth is a matter of lively interest of many people and fans of the performer. It is not surprising because the man has been among the most successful rappers for quite a long time. Therefore, we decided to investigate this question of Birdman’s net worth. Learn what we have discovered!

Image:, @Birdman

Rappers manage to earn much money by their creative work. World celebrities top the rankings of the wealthiest people on the planet and very often spend their money on luxurious mansions and exotic cars. Today you will learn about the worth and possessions of one of the wealthiest rappers in America.

Birdman net worth 2018

Birdman, or Bryan Christopher Williams, is considered to be one of the wealthiest rappers in America. As of 2017, the celebrity’s wealth constituted $110 million, as Forbes claims. The net worth of Birdman in 2018 was estimated as high as $80 million, according to This considerable sum he has been earning throughout his relatively long life. You may ask “How old is Birdman, then?” Well, Birdman age is 49. Therefore, such net worth does not seem so fantastic if you think about how successful his career is.

Birdman assets

Assets of the musician
Image:, @Birdman

The rapper used to own a luxurious estate in Miami along with other lesser houses. However, this Birdman house was taken from him following a lawsuit at the end of 2018, according to His other houses and around 50 cars were severely damaged by Katrina hurricane. Also, his recording studio headquarters was confiscated. Therefore, it is difficult to say exactly what property Birdman rapper owns now.

However, the rapper claims to acquire about one hundred vehicles every half of a year. These words have not been confirmed. Nevertheless, it is known that the popular musician owns or owned at some period of his life Maybach Exelero, Mercedes Benz, Porsche Spyder, Rolls Royce Phantom, Ferrari Enzo, and Bugatti Veyron. As you can see, he has a big love for expensive cars.

The jewelry of the rapper is a topic onto its own. As a self-respecting rapper, the celebrity owns a stunning collection of luxurious items of jewelry. The rapper is a proud owner of a unique golden watchencrusted with diamonds. The only other copy is in possession of Elton John. The musician also has a golden chain, and it is also generously embellished with diamonds. Another item of jewelry worth mentioning is a massive ring with a black diamondweighing 15 carats.

How did he make his money?

Birdman car
Image:, @Birdman

Being a millionaire for quite a long period, the celebrity has quite many sources of income. The first, and the most obvious, one is his career as a rapper and a producer. He gets a considerable amount of money from selling his albums and giving concerts. the wealthy American rapper also owns a recording studio which brings a good share of cash to his net worth. Additionally, the rapper established an oil enterprise together with his brother. There is a debate going on considering whether the company has brought any income yet or not.

In conclusion, the Birdman net worth and his assets are quite impressive. The rapper has gone through ups and downs, and his net worth has decreased a bit if we are to believe the latest updates. He is the owner of items of luxury including houses, cars, and jewelry. However, it is not very clear what the celebrity owns at the moment due to several lawsuits and damages after the hurricane. Still, we believe in his talent and hope that everything will be alright in his life.


Tonto Dikeh reveals that his Ex-husband is Dead as his son prepares to Bear another man’s Name

DRAGGING SEASON!! Tonto Dikeh Reveals Her Ex-Husband Is Dead As Her Son Prepares To Take Another Man’s Name – SEE WHAT SHE SAID

Controversial Nollywood star Tonto Dikeh is out with yet another insult for her ex-husband as she claims Olakunle Churchill is a dead man. Tonto Dikeh has continued and won’t stop dragging her ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill on social media. It was reported that a blogger allegedly bashed her on Twitter, calling her a liar and accusing her of pushing Churchill’s mum down the stairs.

Tonto Dikeh is of the opinion that the blogger was sponsored by her ex-husband. She has now continued to drag him, saying he will remain dead to their son, King Andre and he will watch as Andre takes another man’s name.

See her post:

This is coming after Tonto Dikeh claimed that she has always been a man. She said she will keep disgracing her ex-husband. Recall that earlier the actress who arrived Lagos yesterday to hold a talk with her Best Friend Richard Nnadi who threatened to release names of those owing him, also dropped a shade for her ex-husband as she claimed she has always been a man.

According to Tonto Dikeh, she has always been a man because she paid for her wedding,  housed, clothed and fed her ex-husband, Olakunle Church. However in same heated comment section, Tonto Dikeh promised to always disgrace her ex-husband and his mother, until they “confess to all their lies and evil”.

Also recall that Tonto Dikeh took to her Instagram to slam those questioning why she changed her son’s surname to her father’s name. Tonto who has been accusing her ex-husband, Churchill Olakunle for being a dead-beat dad, has changed her son Andre’s name to ‘King Andre Dikeh’.

Ripples Nigeria

Seems people are questioning the move, and she has this to say: “Don’t even Bleep with me! NO MAN BOTN OF W WOMAN CAN TELL@ME WHWT TO AND NOT TO DO!! KEEP YOUR BASELESS ADVICE TO YOURSELVES!!! #MAMA DE PAPA @kingandre_dikeh” She wrote.

Tonto Dikeh who is still firing shots, recently disclosed that she is now learning the act of ignoring worthless men and their lies. According to the actress, so many beautiful things are happening in her life as she indirectly calls her estranged husband an Imbecile.

Recall that what was interpreted to be a shade for her husband, she wrote: “I don’t have an I DON’T CARE FACE NO MORE, I simply don’t look to even have a face that tells you I DONT CARE”. #A WORTHLESS MAN WLD ALWAYS BE A WORTHLESS MAN!!

I'm learning the act of ignoring worthless men Tonto Dikeh, I’m learning the act of ignoring worthless men – Tonto Dikeh, LATEST NIGERIAN NEWS, POLITICS TODAY, CELEBRITY GISTS | UNCLE SURU

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Gorgeous woman crush of the day-lulu menziwa-Photos

Lulu Menziwa

If you remember very well we had an article on this teacher after her sexxy pictures went viral on the internet and spend almost 2 days trending on Twitter.

Not much is known about this teacher at the moment but we promise to tell you more about her as soon as we get the information. For now, we are just going to show you the pictures that made her trend on Twitter and went viral on Facebook and other social media platforms

Lulu Menziwa

Now she is back and we have some information about her. We now know that she goes by the name of Lulu Menziwa a teacher at one of KZN schools. The name of the school is not yet known.

Lulu Menziwa

She is goals for days. this kind of teachers will make you wanna go back to school and start learning again. And if you see the type of clothes she wears it only shows the good taste she has in fashion. Nike, Puma and Fashionnova..etc.

Lulu Menziwa

From that day onwards she has never stopped posting new pictures that have left Mzansi speechless. The KZN teacher is gaining popularity and the way she is trending nowadays her Instagram page follers are likely to increase with a bigger margin.

Lulu Menziwa

Yes, she has an Instagram account that we are not getting enough of.

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