Nyaope boys turn south African capital city into capital of waste.

The Pretoria CBD is fast becoming a place of filth and waste for homeless people and nyaope drug addicts, who have taken to relieving themselves anywhere and everywhere as soon as it becomes dark.

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This week the Pretoria News spoke to countless people on the streets, listening to their frustrations regarding the filth and faeces scattered along the city’s side-walks and urine stains against walls and pavements.

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They said filth against the walls of some landmark department buildings and facilities like Church Square, The National Treasury, the Palace of Justice, the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court and the abandoned building behind Tshwane House had become the norm.

The stench produced by the faeces and urine was most intense early in the morning, according to residents.

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Joseph Tshifaro was cleaning the pay toilets he operates on Church Square, a job he has been doing for 13 years, when the Pretoria News spoke to him. He said many homeless people and drug addicts felt free to relieve themselves anywhere they liked in the CBD.

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There are multiple factors plaguing South Africa’s waste management system at the moment, especially with environmentalists halting the traditional waste processing measures within the country. Limited resources and the increase in population especially in cities like Pretoria are certainly not helping the cause either.

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Utilize the bins.

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