Video-SAPS officer accussed of police Brutally after ‘assualting’ a lady

This is the last thing we want to see from our SAPS officers. Two women were on the receiving end of some heavy-handed treatment in Tsolo, Eastern Cape.

Photo: Twitter screenshot / Yusuf Abramjee

Some ugly scenes have surfaced from Tsolo in the Eastern Capeafter a police officer lost her cool with two members of the public. The SAPS representative seemingly succumbs to a moment of madness, as she beats and kicks two women who ended up in the bad books.

The footage was posted on social media this weekend. It’s understood that the local authority in Tsolo – a town 40km north of Mthatha in the north-east of the province – are investigating the circumstances which lead to such a shocking confrontation.

SAPS: What happened in Tsolo?

The video itself proved inconclusive in confirming what happens. It’s short running time also fails to provide any wider context. However, it exhibits behaviour that no SAPS officer should be responsible for.

A heated verbal argument soon turns violent, as the female officer goes to shove the two women in a parking lot. One falls over and the other stumbles. The woman who is now laying on the ground is also kicked by the officer, before she gets back onto her feet.

A fellow cop helps restrain her hot-headed colleague and the situation seemingly calms. But as the verbals continue, she returns to lay another punch as tensions remain at the boil. Eventually, the scuffle disperses.

Social media reacts

A majority of Twitter users weren’t best pleased with what they were seeing. But as we alluded to earlier, some feel that it’s important to know how this argument began to understand the officer’s robust actions:

Ntsieni Patrice Lumumba Mudzielwana@NtsieniUnaado

She must be sent home packing she doesn’t deserve to be an officer.

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Y’all saying the officer is wrong she must be arrested. Benikhona? Nabona how it started?
So “qualified” people are not supposed to have feelings? Aninyi perhaps?🙄

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No matter the circumstances, our brave boys and girls in blue have a duty to protect and serve. Kicking out at female citizens – law-abiding or otherwise – isn’t something that should be normalised. The Tsolo branch of SAPS are still yet to decide on the fate of their employee.

Watch the Tsolo SAPS officer “assault” the women here:

Embedded video

Yusuf Abramjee


Via FB: This happened in Tsolo, Eastern Cape. @SAPoliceService officers can’t be a law unto themselves!

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