Lady sees dead husband in another City-see details

Lady Sees Dead Husband In Another City. A lady fainted when she saw her alleged previously deceased hubby, who passed away in 2017.

A lady fainted when she saw her alleged previously deceased hubby, who passed away in 2017. The lady fainted when she saw him during the Easter holidays. The woman could not believe that it was him; she then started following the guy.

Ghanaweb says the alleged dead husband was seen with his 25-year-old girlfriend. The male himself is 55-years-old. The wife followed the couple to a guest house that they were staying in. The woman asked the manager about the bookings of both the husband and his girlfriend. The manager acknowledged that the couple was staying in the guest house the evening before.

The woman dialled the authorities to come to the area so that her story can be verified. When the authorities got to the area they found the couple passed away. The manager says that the couple came to the guest house intoxicated and “started kissing as soon as we gave them the keys but don’t know what happened next.”

A police commander told an interviewee of a local radio station that they went to the area when they received the phone call from the lady. When they got to the area, the couple had already passed away. “We believe their death was caused by over-excitement but we are still investigating,” says the police commander. The story of the woman saying that the husband passed away two years ago has not been verified yet.

Davido’s girlfriend chioma celebrate her 24th birthday

Davido’s Girlfriend, Chioma Celebrates Her Birthday

Popular musician girlfriend Chioma celebrates her 24th brithday in style says it is the best year so far.

Chioma comes from Imo State from a family of Seventh-day Adventists and she has a sister by the name of Jennifer, who is a fashion designer. Chioma often models her sister’s creations and looks beautiful while doing it. There is also Ifunanya, who, according to reports, is the youngest Rowland sister. Little else is known about Chioma Avril Rowland family, even though the young woman has been enjoying her fame-by-proxy for quite a while now.

Happy birthday to her.

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Woman spend 4years growing nails and call it her baby’s

For most of my life, I’ve had pretty long nails. For some reason, I would scream bloody murder when anyone cut my nails as a child, and it seems they’ve gotten used to all the real estate I’ve given them over the years.

I say that because it’s never too long after I cut them that they spring right back up like sharp little weeds.


However, even if I wanted to, I doubt I could get them to grow until they actually start curling. And although that’s never been a dream I’ve had, it’s one that a particular Russian woman has adjusted her lifestyle around.

For 35-year-old Elena Shilenkova of Saint Petersburg, Russia, it’s likely hard to recall a time when she didn’t have long nails.

Instagram | @elena___beauty

As she told The Mirror, “When I was a child and went to school, I already had nails longer than most adult women.”

“But my teachers were quite tolerant about it,” she said.

Instagram | @elena___beauty

“They even did not let me wash the windows as they were afraid that I could break my nails.”

However, one bet she made with a friend compelled her to take the length of her nails to the extreme.

Instagram | @elena___beauty

It’s unclear whether this friend was convinced she couldn’t grow them to 12 centimeters (the equivalent of 4.7 inches) long or couldn’t grow the longest in Russia, but she was willing to take on the challenge all the same.

And after four years of growing, it seems that Shilenkova’s friend lost the bet.

Instagram | @elena___beauty

As The Mirror reported, she has both grown 4.7 inch nails and broken the record for the longest in Russia.

But she has no plans to get rid of them because she now considers them her “babies.”

Instagram | @elena___beauty

As she said, “I call them ‘my babies,’ as they are four years old and I take care of them as I would do with babies.”

Although she takes pride in her nails, she also worries about breaking them often.

Instagram | @elena___beauty

For this reason, she takes hair and nail vitamins to keep them strong and avoids making sharp movements as much as possible.

Reactions to her nails have been mixed, but she notes that a lot of people think they’re cool or respect her patience for growing them.

Instagram | @elena___beauty

As she put it, “My nails are like personal calling card.”

She also said that having such long nails hasn’t had too severe of an impact on her daily life.

Instagram | @elena___beauty

She still considers most activities perfectly doable, if in a different way than most people would normally do them.

Although she didn’t elaborate on this, she said, “For example, I would say that my way of typing is a little bit different.”

As she said, “I am most worried about breaking the nails in my sleep and I often have nightmares that I wake up with short nails.”

Instagram | @elena___beauty

“I am afraid to break them as I would have to waste my time on fixing them – they do break sometimes but I always fix them.”

She explains that her nails are quite the rage with men in particular.

Instagram | @elena___beauty

“Quite often men just don’t notice my nails, but when they do, they get surprised and start asking all those typical questions. I am never short of male attention.”

That said, she has felt the need to make some sacrifices so she can keep her nails as long as possible.

Instagram | @elena___beauty

Although she enjoys swimming and traveling to the sea, she now feels that it would be too risky to do either of those things.

The same goes for playing tennis.

Considering where she lives, another issue is that she can no longer wear gloves.

Instagram | @elena___beauty

As she told The Mirror, “I miss gloves –it can be quite cold in Russia and I have to put my hands in my pockets.”

“People see thousands of faces and are always erased from the memory – but someone with nails like mine would never been forgotten.”

Instagram | @elena___beauty

“It’s impossible not to notice me.”

BREAKING-Nigerian leaders stop sleeping,Nigerians need a government free of corruption-Donald Trump

The American president Donald J Trump again blasts on Nigerian government for their inability to deliver and protect the lives of its people.

Trump had kick against the killings of innocent Nigerians in the country especially in the northern part of Nigeria by bandit.

According to him the Nigerian government must stop sleeping and find everlasting solution to the crisis that is taking thousands of lives, Trump also says that the poor are the once facing the insecurity crisis most,’ adding that their lives are more exposed to jeopardy than the rich.

In a brief conclave with journalists the American president also condemned the canadian citizen who was recently kidnapped in Nigeria by gunmen, pleading with the Nigerian federal government to take immediate action to safe the canadian citizen.

In the pass four years till date Nigerian have been going through a lot  facing challenges like, insecurity, poor economy, corruption, lack of education and employment.

“Nigerians need leaders who are ready to work, who are ready to deliver when call to power, leaders who are corrupt-free, Nigerians need leaders who listen to the cry of the people, the Nigerian government must stop sleeping.

Americans are not perfect but we are working so hard to remain the world number-one and i know many African countries are looking up to Nigeria so their leaders should stop working for their selfish interest Trump says.

Trump also talk about president Buhari 10 day visit to the UK adding that, it is wrong for a president to travel without handling over power to his vice and not notifying the people he serves to know about his foreign trip.

Nigeria is a nice country recognize in the world, the country would have been second most powerful and most wealthy country in the world if not for the corruption that have taken over the minds of its leaders.

“However Donald Trump says, in the history of Nigeria leadership, the present government happens to be the worst ever. A government who don’t take legal actions to stop the killings of its people. the only government who don’t attack on terrorist but unleashed attack on innocent Nigerians. the only government who negotiate with terrorist, its time Nigerians need to rise and kick out bad government and fight for their pride.

Meet Regina Daniels husband Ned Nwoko,morrocan wife and children

Meet Regina Daniel's Husband, Ned Nwoko's Morrocan Wife & Children 

It is no news that young actress,Regina Daniels is reportedly married to 60 year old billionaire, Ned Nwoko.

However, she is said to be his 6th wife as photos of a woman who is reportedly his 5th wife have surfaced .She is said to be from Morocco, her name is Mrs. Lina Nwoko .

Recall that the billionaire tied the knot with Nollywood actress Regina Daniels few days ago.

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