Shallcross-father find daughter murdered in her own house

Demisha Naik – Photo:Facebook

Durban – Police have launched a manhunt for the person who killed a 23 year old woman, at her own house in Shallcross.

The lifeless body of Ms Demisha Naik was discovered on Tuesday by her father, according to KwaZulu-Natal police spokesperson Lt Colonel Thulani Zwane.

The victim had stab wounds, and is believed to have died at the scene after excessive bleeding.

Zwane further denied rumours that the attacker had then taken his own life hours later. “As far as police are concerned the alleged suspect is still at large and we are searching for him,” he said.

Emergency services had been called to the scene by members of the public.

Siven Subramodey of Amawele Emergency Services in Chatsworth said that “Upon arrival of the scene the female was declared dead. It seems she succumbed to her injuries and I called the station commander and informed him of what happened.”

Meanwhile, tributes continue to pour in on social media for the departed woman.

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