This story is interesting-How prophet alpha Lukau and wife Meet

On 28 February, 2019, Prophetess Annie prophesied in a video that Alph Lukau’s wife would be disgraced, and that her pride as a wife would be exposed. Besides, the woman of God prophesied that shame will be upon her.

News24 have shared an article today about a 23 year old woman who met with Alph Lukau when she was a virgin, at the age of sixteen. In that time she was seeking for deliverance, but instead of being delivered, she ended up being manipulated to undress in front of Alph Lukau. They slept together in Lukau’s office (at his church) 12 am that day.

Moreover, another woman, a leader in Lukau’s church, have given her story of her sexual encounter with Alph Lukau. Lukau told her, “Don’t worry, God will forgive us” prior to their sexual intercourse.

Thirdly, another female leader in Lukau’s church have opened up about her sexual encouter with Alph Lukau – it almost ruined her marriage!

This is just the beginning; more is to come! It will grow worse! Who can fight God and win? No one! God has decreed that in 2019 all the wolfs will fall!

P.S. Alph Lukau will be arrested and put in jail! He’s not a pastor!

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