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Nollywood sultry actress and mother of one, Angela Okorie, has done some really weird stuff in the past and she appears to live most part of her life on the social media. The popular actress is certainly a big girl. She has shared a new photo as she was pictured with the president of president Of The Republic Of Liberia, Dr George Maneh Weah. She wrote: “It takes a Leader no stress to discover A Hero, a.Having my signature on the progressive wall of Liberia Film Industry will be An Honor Your Excellency.Thank you Sir.”

For a married woman, she’s as kinky as they come and the real reason behind that may have been unwittingly revealed by the actress in a recent Instagram post when she posted a luscious picture of herself on a bed, ranting about being bored. Obviously aware the luscious picture may be considered by some as being a little off the edge, she wrote, “What y’all thinking noooooo , ok don’t bother, your girl is intact okay?Just in that crazy mood. It is boring when you are normal.” And when some of her followers are ripping one another apart over the post, arguing about boredom and doing crazy stuff, Angela waded in to reaffirm her position. “It’s definitely boring when one is normal, can’t argue with that,” she said.

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The beautiful actress definitely loves showing off on social media but not once has she shown off her husband and the reason for that was explained in a recent interview. “I don’t want people to know about my family; that’s why I don’t post pictures of my husband. At the end of the day, social media is going to help you destroy your home. When you bring your family business on social media all the time, it would cause you pain because people would intrude into your marriage. Once there is a third party in your home trouble begins,” she said.

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