Fans are convinced that Rihanna is about to get married and raise kids

“Does that mean an engagement and baby are coming before R9?”

Everybody knows that what a celebrity likes on social media can sometimes reveal hot, scalding tea. The likes often tell a story of their own. So, uh…is there something you want to tell us, Rihanna? 👀

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Yesterday, a video made its way to Instagram showing Morgan Stewart from E! News discussing Rihanna’s relationship with billionaire Hassan Jameel.

“Do I think Rihanna’s worthy of somebody who has a billion dollars? Yes, I do,” Morgan says in the video. “I think is he worthy of her is the question.”

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But things got super interesting when Morgan made some predictions about the relationship. “I see an engagement and I also see a baby probably. Not yet, ’cause she still wants to smoke a cigarette once in a while, but [I] definitely see an engagement and then baby in like, two years.”

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And who should pop up to like the video on Instagram? Oh, hi Rihanna!

Of course, Rihanna could’ve just liked the video because Morgan called her “that bitch” or because she found the whole thing hilarious. It doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s already halfway down the aisle and six months pregnant.

The Ellen Show

But that didn’t stop people from losing their minds over it all.

And all fans had one thing on their minds — NOT BEFORE THE NEXT ALBUM!

Either way, we all know by now that Rihanna and Hassan are super private about their relationship and rarely even pictured together. So, let’s not hold our breath for ring and baby news anytime soon!


BuzzFeed have contacted reps of Rihanna for comment.

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