Something serious:Reno omokri said that this Bootilicious lady ask him out for a lunch

SERIOUS SOMETHING!! Reno Omokri Reveals How Lady With Gigantic Behind Offered To Take Him Out For ‘Lunch’ – See His Reply

Former aid to former president Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri has opened up on his recent ‘challenges’. Reno who is on a vacation in Amsterdam has turned down a lunch invite from a very curvaceous lady over fear of being set up.

The endowed lady invited him for lunch but Reno turned down her offer. In reply, he tweeted:

“Touring Amsterdam with my lookalike twin sons in whom I am well pleaded. Thank God my notoriously camera shy first twin agreed to be photographed. ‘You can take me, but I won’t smile’ he said. May God bless the fruit of your body and may you have blessed twins, like Reno Omokri.”

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He went on to send a thoughtful message to his would have been date. He said: “Dear @Iyke83012262, Whether it is food eaten on the table or elsewhere, I have enough food in my own home. Thank you very much. Even if I had wanted to mingle with my fans, your profile picture speaks volumes. It radiates something that I have no desire to have outside my home. I ate from my city before coming to your city. But if you like, I can invite you to a church whenever I am preaching the word of God.”

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Some Nigerians who didn’t see anything wrong in him honoring this request bashed him and labelled him an attention seeker. In reply, he wrote “Those saying this is just lunch don’t know the times we live in. What if this person takes a photo and accuses me of having a relationsip and then @fkeyamo comes up to take the case for free? It’s the very same people saying I should have gone that would be the first to crucify me. People don’t understand this kind of people who offer you a free food and money like how they framed a legendary icon like @Areafada1. They can be hired by likes of Buharists and Festus (Stephanie Otobo) @fkeyamo to frame you up for free.”

He went on to dish relationship advice as he is known to do. He said: “Dear wives, Don’t just be your husband’s wife. Be his side chick and slay queen. Gym. Look trim. Slow down on carbs. Eat deliciously but healthily. Be proactive in pleasing each other in the bedroom. Tire him out there so he won’t have strength to look outside. “

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“Dear men, Once you marry, avoid being alone with women who are not your wives. Looking at some women’s BACKSIDE can make you BACKSLIDE. Focus on the back that you have back at home and don’t allow any EVE’s APPRENTICE make you back out of your marriage vows.”

Source: Yabaleft/Twitter

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