Two women Raped and killed-photos

Kumasi: Two Women Killed, Bodies Dumped Near Abrepo Old Market

The Abrepo community in Kumasi have been thrown into a state of shock following the discovery of two dead women in the early hours of Thursday morning near Samad Hotel.

The incident happened close to the Abrepo old market, while rumours are rife that the deceased might be rape victims.

One of the women, fair in complexion and believed to be in her forties, had her black trousers pulled down to her knee, without panties, her red blouse pulled up to the neck and her round handbag around the neck.

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The other woman was also found wearing a black blouse and skirt, her panties pulled to the knee, in a kneeling-sexual position that suggests she was raped from her behind.

According to an eyewitness who spoke to Captain Koda, the host of Otec FM’s morning show, ‘Nyansapo’, she said the fair woman was found with a mobile phone placed in her brazier alive by passers-by but could not speak and later died, the other lady had already died.

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Police was yet to convey the bodies to the mortuary at the time of filing this report.

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