Mercy Johnson boldly shows off the bad side of her body in a new pic

Mercy Johnson boldly shows off the UGLY part of her body in new pictures

Popular Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson Okojie is about to kick off a new project which has to do with shedding off weight, pearlsnews.comreports. The mother of three through her Instagram post revealed that she is proud of the stretch marks on her tummy which is a sign of motherhood.

” I am the sum total of all my experiences. If you zoom in, you’ll see my battle scars (stretchmarks) I carry them with pride, they’re a testimony of my journey  I’ve learnt how to work on the body I want naturally with full commitment and without surgery. (I have nothing against surgery by the way)” she wrote. Continuing, Mrs Okojie added that she knows and can identify with the struggles of woman and new mothers who are trying to get back on shape.

” I know the struggle, I’ve been there, one day you wake up with a thousand stretchmarks across your tummy. You don’t recognize your body, you try everything that used to work and it doesn’t anymore.  If you don’t like it, you can do something about it! If I can do it, my sister you can- NO surgery. Just commitment.”…

Nollywood Actress, Mercy Johnson has been appointed the new SSA to the Kogi State Government, so we have decided to put together 10 interesting things you probably don’t know about her.

Here we go;

1. Mercy Johnson was born in Lagos on 28 August 1984.

2. Mercy is a native of of Okene in Kogi state. She’s also the fourth child from a family of seven children.

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3. The super talented actress joined the entertainment industry after she failed her University entrance examination.

4. Her interest in the movie industry was triggered by Genevieve Nnaji, “I watched her in the movie “Sharon Stone” and I knew I wanted to act,” the actress said in a 2013 interview with Bella Naija.

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5. Mercy made her acting debut in 2003 when she stared in her breakout movie ‘The Maid.’

6. The actress was one of the inaugural winners at the AMVCA 2013 for her role in the comedy film ‘Dumebi the Dirty Girl’.

7. Mercy got married to her husband Prince Odianosen Okojie in Lagos Nigeria on Saturday, August 27, 2011.

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8. On December 30, 2012, the actress welcomed her baby girl Purity Ozioma, in the United States of America. She welcomed her first son and second child on October 15, 2014. On August 26, 2015, the actress confirmed her third pregnancy.9. Mercy met her husband for the first time in 2009 on a flight. According to her, she didn’t remember, but then they met again in 2009.

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10. Mercy was the most searched celebrity in Nollywood for 2011 and 2012.

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