He Hit my head with a shovel damage my placenta,after he get drunk-wife

•She’s diabolic, kept black soap, strange lamp in her wardrobe —Husband

Oja Oba/ Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, has dissolved the 25-year-old wedlock between a woman, Temitope Kolapo and her husband,       Olumide  Kolapo on the accounts of irresponsibility, drunkenness, battery and violence by the latter.

According to Temitope, Olumide, despite always failing to live up to his responsibilities at home, will drink himself to stupour and descend on her with heavy blows.

She added that he sometimes went violent citing as an example a time he almost broke his head with a shovel.

The plaintiff, as a result, prayed the court to separate them so that she could live to take care of their children whom he had neglected.

Olumide acceded to divorce, stating that he too was fed up with a woman who is mean and diabolic in nature.

Giving her evidence, Temitope stated that:”My lord, I went in marriage loving my husband with all my heart, but today, I just can’t stick to him.

“I can’t remember when last he fed me and our children not to mention clothing or meeting our other needs.

“All he’s good at is to drink. He can drink a barrel of beer at a sitting. When he’s drunk, he staggers home, pounces on me and beats me to a pulp.

“I saw hell while pregnant with our first two children. He turned me into a drum and would beat me to a pulp if I dare ask him for feeding allowance or money for ante natal care. He once beat me to the point that I was admitted at the hospital after losing much blood. At another time, he damaged my placenta.

“He has never spent a weekend at home in the last 23 years. He’s always attending one gathering or the other and will stay outside home.

“He will desert me and our children and go with another woman for as long as three months. At such moments, I will go after him pleading that he returns home.

“I feed him and our children with my resources but he still went ahead to paint me black before his family members. He lied to them that he was experiencing paucity of fund because I was spending his income on fashion, “the plaintiff stated.

“Any time we fight, he will throw my property out and I will have to move to my parents’ house. I have done these not less than fifteen times.

“My mum, on her part, will always send me back to him, according to her, no one moves back to her house after getting married.

“The last time he moved in with another woman,  I reported him to the head of his family, who sent a message to him thrice that he should see him but he refused.

“I discovered that he left with the family pictures we took during significant events in the family. I went to his office to demand that he returned the pictures and he almost broke my head with a shovel.

“My lord, all I pray the court today is to separate us so that I can live to take care of our children who he had neglected for long, “Temitope said.

“My lord, I accede to divorce, “Olumide said.

“My wife is a liar. She’s also mean. She has hidden the truth from the court. My lord, I leave home not because of other women but because she’s troublesome.

“She’s a difficult person to live with and has succeeded in making life difficult for me. The last time I left home, I slept in my shop for three months.

“Again, being a disobedient person, she readily flouts my order.  She goes out without my permission and returns whenever it pleases her. There were even times she slept out and returned without giving any explanation for her action.

“My lord, she’s also diabolic and has refused to change despite knowing my stand on this. I came across a gourd filled with black soap and also a lamp in her wardrobe. She told me they were meant to protect her when she’s on a journey. We fought over this and she almost bit off my finger.

“I pray this honourable court to please grant me custody of our three children because she doesn’t love them. She once left home and abandoned our five-year-old daughter who was then just eight months old,” he concluded.

Giving his judgment, the court president, Chief Ademola Odunade dissolved their marriage.

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