I drank my Dead sisters Blood,after killing her

DEAD: Patricia Masengo-Kock, 29, was stabbed to death
A sickening stench coming from a Kraaifontein hokkie led to the discovery body of a missing woman.Police say the woman had been murdered and buried under her brother’s bed in the shack on Monday.

The 25-year-old brother has been arrested.

Patricia Masengo-Kock, 29, was stabbed to death and according to a police official close to the investigation, the brother allegedly admitted that he drank her blood after he killed her.

Patricia was reported missing last Wednesday after she failed to arrive for work at a pizzeria.

The community of Bloekombos launched a search, but by Sunday she was still missing.

On Monday, police noticed the stench coming from the hokkie of Patricia’s brother, David Masengo-Kock, 25, which is in the backyard of her house in Mkhumbusi Street.

DISCOVERY: In backyard shack in Kraaifontein

Police searched the shack and found her dead body buried in a hole under his double bed.

A family member says David is a recent born-again Christian and even helped search for his missing sister.

“He smokes dagga and writes rap music, but is known to be very soft by nature and was apparently recently baptised,” the shocked relative says.

“Now, his real name should be Mr Devil. When Patricia went missing last week, he was helping cops and the community search for her.”

On Monday, shocked residents watched as police and forensic pathologists removed the double bed from the shack to get to her body.

The relative says they are disgusted that David still had the audacity to sleep on the bed.

“He must have dug the hole underneath his bed before he murdered her. How can you sleep on a bed knowing your sister’s dead body is under you?

“Knowing you murdered and buried her under your bed, how could he?”

SCENE: Where the body was found

The relative says Patricia’s family and friends are battling to come to terms with her murder.

“She was such a beautiful person inside and out. A hard worker and very organised. We can’t believe David would even murder his own sister and can’t believe she is gone.

“There is no place for a person like David in our community. We don’t want him here,” the angry relative says.

Police spokesperson, Sergeant Noloyiso Rwexana confirmed the incident and says David will be charged with murder when he appears in the Blue Downs Magistrate’s Court this week.

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