I have slept with married men longer than his wife have,pls advise me

I Have Slept With A Married Man Longer Than His Wife Has. Please Help!

Dear readers,

Hide my ID I’ve been going out with this married Tonga man for eight years.  He was my boyfriend before he got married but I broke up with him after he got married then 2 years later we kicked it again. In short,  I’ve known him longer than his current wife.

She’s older than me and she has become fat and unattractive.  He promised to divorce her and marry me I don’t have a child with him and he is 12 years older than me he pays for my rentals and gives me everything I need. Should I go ahead and marry him? The law says if you sleep with a woman for 3 months it’s marriage now he has slept with me for 7 years.

His wife told me they are on ARVs last week when she was yelling at me so how am I going to leave him when he has infected me? Please advise no roasters.


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