Generation Actress luyanda mzazi is pregnant.

“Generations: The Legacy” actress, Luyanda Mzazi is pregnant!

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According to “Drum” magazines confirmation, the 22-year-old actress is expecting her first child.

Grenerations Spokesperson Gaaratwe Mokhethi revealed that the star was no longer  as she is on maternity leave however, wouldn’t say how far along the actress is as “this is personal information.”.

Gaaratwe also said Mzazi’s character hasn’t been written out of the show and that her character will still continue

“The character Lesedi has been pivotal in telling stories that truthfully mirror our society,” said Mokhethi on Mzazi’s character which has a history of of sexual assault.

“The writers will continue shining a light on issues that affect the youth, therefore we urge viewers to continue watching Generations: The Legacy to see how Lesedi’s journey evolves.” she added.

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