I slept with different men just to get help, mother of 4 cries out

A woman identified as Mirabel Anaedo from Anambra state, has put shame aside to reveal on social media how men have taken advantage of her before rendering assistance to her.

In a video posted online, the widow and mother of four boys – revealed that her husband died while she was 6 months pregnant with the fourth child and since then life has been difficult for her and her kids.

The woman admitted to have had Se-x with different men in a bid to get help from them but most disappointed her.

She also revealed in a WhatsApp chat posted online with her consent, how she was asked by a man to send her nude pictures to him with her fingering herself before she could receive help from him.

She disclosed that she has met with her priest and have also turned a new leaf because she’s tired of messing around.

Internet users have drummed up support online to see a way the woman can be helped.

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