This will be my last message to all of you,Ethiopian Airhostess write.

When flight attendant Stella Osebe Konarska woke up on Sunday morning to board the the brand-new Ethiopian jetliner Boeing 737 MAX 8 with her son, Adam Mbicha, all she hoped for was a safe journey.

However, the ET 302 flight did not get to it’s destination, the plane crashed six minutes after taking off from Bole International airport in Addis Ababa for Nairobi on Sunday.

According to the list of the dead released by Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya was the hardest hit with 32 of her citizens killed.

The UN lost 25 staff members and Canada 18. Others who died came from China, the United States, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Israel, India and Somalia.

When news of the flight crashing reached the interwebs, there was shock and horror among family and friends who had people they knew on the flight.

Stella’s brother posted a message announcing her passing.

Stella’s grief stricken husband, Pawel Konarski, used her voice and social media platform to let everyone know she is no more.

He posted the letter on Stella’s Facebook page.

“To all my friends,” the letter began, “This will be my last message to all of you, it’s hard to say goodbye I still can’t believe I’m no longer with you in this world. Only God knows why this happened to me and my beloved son Adam Mbicha Konarski.”

Pawel added, “I was always trying through all my life to be a very honest person with positive spirit and smile every day I’m sure I made it. I’m really grateful to my family for your support through all my life. I would like to say thanks to all my friends from all over the world Kenya, Dubai, Qatar, Poland, Saudi Arabia – your friendship meant a lot to me and to my family too.”

He continued, “You where giving us smile and happiness every day, thanks for being there for us. We will always be there for you, me and my son looking from the top. We need to pray now, please stay strong because only God knows our paths and we shall meet again one day, I’m sure.”

Pawel signed off the message, “With all my love your true friend, sister and daughter, Stella Mbicha Konarska. On behalf of my beloved Wife Stella Osebe and my Son Adam Mbicha.”

Pawel Konarski

Stella’s friends also expressed their grief and shock at her death.

Felix Akala Lilumbi: I make a vow until there is a full investigation on the NG Boeing 737 max planes, ill do everything in my power (I don’t know how) to make sure my family never boards it and I also think airlines should ground them till this is done.

It’s crazy that in a span of 4 months u have 2 crashes. I lost a friend and this was very painful and I can imagine the pain the family and especially the husband is going through. Losing both ur wife and Son, how does one even recover from that!!!?

RIP Stella Adam, my condolences to the family and friends. My condolences also goes to all other families and friends that lost loved ones on that plane.

‎Suleiman Mwarabu: Stella Adam, all I can say is even if what happens we can never change what God has preserved for you. Memories is all that will remain.

You were one lady who was full of joy and full of life. Betty,pole is all I can give to you and the entire family. I have lost a great friend and Stella Lala salama tutaonana tukipumzishwa.

Shiqqo Wa Maich: The most painful goodbyes are the ones that are never said and never explained 💔
I cant bring myself to accept let alone believe when we met 2 months ago…was the last I’d laugh to your jokes….ur ever glowing contagious vibes that left a room with so much warmth…..yesterday was one of those days I sat n prayed that the clumsy you never made the flight..😖😖😖 as hours went by ..waiting hoping and praying that when I woke up today it would all be just but a bad dream …my gal…believe me I know ur shinning down on us and are in a better place with Adam…lord definitely know how to handpick the best of his flowers🌻💐🌹 …am broken beyond believe…fly with the angles…gone too soon way too soon😖😖😖😖🙌🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️ until we meet again it’s never good by ….#Restinpeacemylove##!!!

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