LADIES! this is what to do when the period stops coming.

If you’ve ever had that scary month when you just stopped seeing your period and didn’t understand why then you’re not alone. Different situations can cause you to miss your period. But we’d like to show you what to do if your period stops coming and how to get it back.

This is what to do if your period stops coming

period stops coming
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1. Relax

When you stop seeing your period, it can be an indication that you’ve been under a lot of stress. Work stress, emotional stress, or any other kind of stress can mess with your hormones and cause delayed period. So sometimes all you need to do is relax and let your body rest.

2. Eat Ginger

Ginger causes your uterus to contract which induces your period. Chewing ginger root can be very effective to induce your period. But if the root tastes too harsh, you can just make ginger tea instead.

period stops coming
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3. Drink Turmeric Juice

Tumeric affects your hormone levels, so it can also correct the imbalances that delay your period. So making a turmeric drink or including it in your diet can help you bring your monthly friend back.

4. Vitamin C

Vitamin C of any type can also balance out your hormone levels and help induce your period. So take a lot of citrus fruits and watch them work wonders for your period.

period stops coming
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5. Se-x

Another way, and probably the most exciting way to induce your period is by having Se-x. This is because semen contains hormones that cause your cervix to dilate which helps induce your period. Orgasms also cause your cervix to dilate, inducing your period.

So whenever your period is delayed just try any of these, if it still doesn’t come after that, please see a doctor immediately. If you’re having period cramps, try these remedies.

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