Nigerians React as WAEC announced Biafran states as the most brilliant states in Nigeria.

Nigerians react as WAEC Officially declare BIAFRA as the most brilliant region in Nigeria

For many Nigerians, the most pronounced occasion attributed to the Igbo tribe is the Civil War.

The long cry for the Sovereignty of the Biafrans and Biafra land has been long subdued for… well, reasons beyond this article.

Igbos have been marginalized for too long by Yoruba’s, Hausa’s and Nigerians in total despite their acute contribution to national development home and in diaspora.

For all the inadequacies related to the south eastern tribes, it can not be debated that the region is still a commercial success despite the evident lack of federal government presence in the region.

Asides from University of Nigeria located in Nsukka, i really cant pin point any federal govt presence dominant in the east.

The myth that South westerners value education over every other region in Nigeria is clearly proven to be a farce.

In the 50’s and 60’s maybe the yorubas might have dominated the educational sector, in recent years the Igbos have risen from the dearth and ruins of the Biafra war to rebuild themselves.

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The rise of the likes of Innocent Ifediaso Chukwuma (CEO of Innoson Vehicle), Jim Ovia ( of Zenith Bank), Tony Elumelu (Chairman of UBA and Transcorp) have granted prominence back to Igbos in their bid for ethnic sovereignty.

Tony Elumelu and Jim Ovia champion non profit organizations and education related philanthropic causes that has benefited the south westerns and build a sustainable drive for education.

The West African Examinations Council (Nigeria’s most recognized and prestigious examination body) recently released figures for the most impressive states in the last West African Senior School Certificate Examination

A peep into the chart above reveals that the south easterners reign supreme in terms of literacy in Nigeria. Three of the top Five states are south eastern states, in fact 50% of the Top 10.

While many may disagree with such stats

Igbos are generally very hardworking and studios, it is the worst kept secret in Nigeria that Igbos are the hustling tribe. Ahead of indigenes of the states and nations they may find themselves you will definitely find an Igbo man hustling to make his money.

Regardless of sentiments and tribal bias, The Igbos may have been sidelined for long but believe me the sun is rising in the east again.


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