Nigerians React as Buhari Mentioned leaving office.

IS IT OVER! Nigerians React As Buhari Reveals Plans To End His Tenure

Should we rejoice at this development? Well, it looks like Nigerians are having mixed reactions over the sudden announcement by the Federal Republic Of Nigeria on his social media handle. The reactions are too numerous to count. See the latest announcement below.

While some people are yet to get over defeat,

Some Nigerians are not having it at aaaall for Mr President. I know I speak for many when I say, ‘NEVER GONNA HAPPEN’

While so many things are going through my mind over this latest tweet, I can’t help but imagine how good a dose of the obvious would feel. Just *chinkuli* to serve as punishment for all the times I had to pass my favourite cookies because I was too broke to afford it. 😈

Let’s not get started on the whole immunity drama as long as you’re under Baba’s wings. 🙄 For a moment though, I actually wished I knew the man. *sips tea quietly*

Just like others before now, except the fact that Buhari publicly declared it, I see no reason why he should have announced it though because, like I always say, the internet never forgets. But the sad truth is that remembrance or not, proof or not, these guys will do whatever they want regardless and all we can do is sit and watch and roar on social media. I taya!

Let’s face it, a lot of lies have been told in this administration. Who remembers the rats that chased Baba out of the Villa? lmao 🤣

Even though I was taught to pray for my leaders, I simply don’t understand how praying for this one has become an uphill task.

Well, let’s look at it from another angle 👇

Me shaking my head when I look at some Nigerians and their comments, like, ‘You guys are the worst hit in this economic crisis oh’

Finally, someone spoke my mind.

In the meantime,

For we are many who are tired;

I still can’t wrap my head around this dude

Forget all the drama, those open teeth we saw, in the beginning, got girls drooling and I’m sure the lucky ones … I think I should keep kwayet here. lol!

Dear Mr President, in order not to sound harsh, you can continue to fight in Daura. At least your fighting skills are put to good use. Mbok!

In all of this, my major concern right now is…👇

Are you moved by this announcement? let us know in the comment section below. Cheer up things will get better. 🍸🥂🍻🍹🍰

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