Nigerians pay homage to Hanks Anuk.

Nigerians Pay Homage To Nollywood’s Baddest Boy, Hanks Anuku

Twitter was in a lull until a user asked who the baddest boy of Nollywood was.

Abuja Minister – LLB, B.L,BBM, MG@Sir_BiolaPr

Who was Nollywood’s baddest guy?
1- Gentle Jack
2- Hanks Anuku
3- Segun Arinze

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Is this even a fair competition? This is like comparing Annalise Keating to Omotola Jolade’s character in Alter Ego.

No one comes close to Hanks Anuku and his ‘broad’ voice and utterly incredible American+British+Australian accent. Whenever he’s robbing someone on a movie scene, you have no choice but to reduce the volume before the neighbours will run away.

Segun Arinze was quite bad in Black Arrow. Gentle Jack rarely spoke. And I think the only person who came close to Hanks was late JT Tom West.

Abuja Minister – LLB, B.L,BBM, MG

Who was Nollywood’s baddest guy?
1- Gentle Jack
2- Hanks Anuku
3- Segun Arinze

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Winnifred Chigozie@winniechigozie

This guy was in the game too.. R.I.P J.T Tom West

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Man is 59 and I still get the chills when I see him!

One quick question: Is Hanks Anuku his real name? Or a moniker?

Kene Francis@kenechuqu

was Hanks Anuku his birth name or some sort of AKA

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As a testament to how bad Hanks was, this user said this story.

Reil C@kingreilthe1st

i remember during a shoot in asaba as told by my uncle in nollywood then, Hanks Anuku was given a car to drive back and forth a road in a robbery scene, he did it twice they said he should repeat it again, that’s how nigger drove off to lagos with their suv upon the 3rd trial😂😂

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People who chose Gentle Jack and Segun Arinze have not seen Hanks’ movies AND IT SHOWS!


All of you picking Gentle Jack over Hanks Anuku probably never watched his movies.

Gentle Jack ko, Jack Bauer ni

Hanks made robbery scenes so real. Ogidan was legendary

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And here is a short clip to jog your memories:

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Hanks Anuku.,baddest 😂😂😂..abeg who can translate this american Igbo…

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Hanks was a multipurpose bad boy in movies – drug dealer, armed robber, black sheep – and so is chin chin. Proof:

As always, I always add a gem. Here you go:

Then there is this guy who was on time for his heartbreak.

Happy birthday to all March, April and May babies!

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jada | 4@elmslieftleanos

march, april and may babies knowing they are the best months

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Do you agree that Hanks is the baddest boy in Nollywood? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments section.

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