how oyibos are treated in Nigeria

Roselyn Zuyeali Verkouille

68w ago

Nigerians are very friendly people. And they treat Oyibos as higher beings.When an Oyibo walks down the street, you hear Nigerians call out to them, Oyibo! Oyibo!! If you walk around areas dominated by Igbo traders (Abuja), they call them “OC or Onyeocha” which many Oyibos aren’t so used too. Last week when we were around Kaduna axis, they were calling them “Bature” . I don’t know if it has anything to do with old slave trade movies but, quite a number of Nigerians call Oyibos “Master” which embarrasses me.

The average Nigerians assume all Oyibos are rich, so they expect to get some money out of them. When many traders see “Oyibos” come to buy their wares, the prices double up, which is annoying. When you are around an Oyibo in Nigeria, you become invisible, more attention will be paid to the Oyibo than to you. In general, they are treated well.

Precious Amamgbu
lives in Nigeria

69w ago

Nigerians feel all oyibos are the same: rich, friendly, and ‘to be handled with care’. Nigerians are very welcoming to foreigners, so you’d feel right at home, but like I objectively pointed out, you’re ‘rich’, so try to haggle if you ever go to market places or intend buying anything, else you’re willing to pay more than you’re meant to.

Adelegan Oluseyi Abiodun
From Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa

31w ago

Like a king because of tendency of getting dollar from them and Nigerian in general believe that they are coming from God owns country unlike Nigeria that seems to be GOD forsaken country because of our corrupt leaders.

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