OMG!see how Two men Abused and TOTURED 15 YEAR old girl for Exposing them. watch video.

OMG! See How Two Men Brutally Assaulted 15-Year-Old Girl For Exposing Them Online (Video Inside)

Two young men have been arrested after they were recorded brutally assaulting a 15-year-old girl after being exposed on social media. According to reports, the men had accused the teenager of double-crossing them. One of the men is now facing charges of statutory rape. The two suspects, who have been identified only as Peter and Laja,  were apprehended after the a video of their action was widely shared on social media. It is believed that the incident happened recently in Zimbabwe.

National Helm
National Helm

A Twitter user identified as Tapson ‘Skyrider’ Gore‏ was the one who put up the video while calling the attention of the appropriate agencies. He had written alongside the video, “Two Plumtree boys, Peter and Lija were double crossed by this girl and they decided to discipline her by filming her beating. Help her until she gets justice. Please help the girl child @BBCBreaking @TembaMliswa @lilimikoro @NewsDayZimbabwe”

Tapson ‘Skyrider’ Gore@tapsongore2010

Two Plumtree boys, Peter and Lija we’re double crossed by this girl and they decided to discipline her by filming her beating. Help her until she gets justice. Please help the girl child @BBCBreaking @TembaMliswa @lilimikoro @NewsDayZimbabwe

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In a similar but sadder incident, in May 2018, a man wanted in the brutal death of a 15-year-old Utah girl landed in custody, police said. Around 11:00 a.m. on that unfateful day, law enforcement officials in Colorado took 24-year-old Shaun French into custody without incident, according to KSTU. Salt Lake City teen Baleigh Bagshaw was ambushed and killed inside her own home and her mother heard part of the attack, which Salt Lake Police Dept. Sgt. Brandon Shearer called “very violent and brutal.” Shearer said, “She was on the phone checking in with her mother after arriving home from school, when she was violently attacked. The mother heard the attack going on and then the phone went dead.  At that time the mother called a neighbor to go check on Baleigh. A short time later, police arrived and found the teenager dead.

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Police officially named French as a suspect in the homicide. He originally had a warrant out for his arrest for unlawful sexual acts with a minor. Officials said French had a previous sexual relationship with Bagshaw and had lived in her home for a time. French was not living in the home when the homicide occurred. French is being held in Colorado pending extradition to Utah. He was held for charges related to unlawful sexual acts with a minor. He may face additional charges, according to reports.

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