Which Africa country has the Best music Tune- check it out

Boris Ezomo

24w ago

Stop that!

What do you expect people to say? More likely every one will back their own country.

However, how do you want to compare and contrast the following three masters?

Three great musicians. With totally different styles of music, unique to the area they come from. The only similarity is that they are all Africans. It is like asking which is better, folk rock or the blues.

They are all good. Very very good. You judge for yourselves. Here are my favourites from the three artists.

Loi – Koffi Olomide.

Pata pata – Miriam Makeba

Shuffering and shmiling (Suffering and smiling ) -Fela.

Kaosiso Nwachukwu
lived in Nigeria

23w ago

No sugar coating.
All three are vibrant though but it laughable to compare Nigeria music with that of congo .
The only country that u can compare with Nigeria in this music stuff is south Africa although the comparison is still laughable.
Truly. Nigeria has no country to compare with in Africa in this music stuff. Another Africans that should acknowledged is Ghana. But don’t compare both its childish.

Sorry its might not be what u want to hear but it is the truth

Owen Sande
lives in South Africa

23w ago

Firstly define “best music”. Music is an art. Can you look at two paintings and compare them? There is no song better than the other, it’s all about the emotion it makes you feel.

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