TRAGEDY!! as Boko Haram kills Nigerian medical doctor working with Nigerian ARMY.

Boko Haram kills medical doctor working with the Nigerian army. A certain man wrote on his wall that “O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? I never believed a day like this would come when the life of a friend, a colleague and a brother like you would be wasted by a set of illiterate terrorists who call themselves of sorts of names BOKO HARAM. who can’t differentiate between Doctors and other trained soldier?”.

“Heba this is so sad and painful. What a great loss to the medical profession, your family, friends and the Nation as a whole. A young propitious, zestful, reverent, personable and talented Doctor, your humility as a military man was next to none. May Almighty grant your family the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss. You have fought a good fight, you lost your most precious and valued life while trying to safe us a Nation… I will forever call you a great hero, Good Night Bro. Its so sad saying Rest in perfect peace…. Dr (LT) Babatunde Akewurere”.

Recall that Nigerian troops suffered a massive setback in the war against terrorism as Boko Haram terrorists sprung a surprise attack on Rann killing at least a dozen people and injuring several others. A security source told Saharareporters that the terror group stormed military base of the 3rd  Battalion in Rann headquarters of Kala-Balge on a Thursday at about 6 pm and engaged in a gun duel that lasted for 5 hours. The terror group also abducted three aid workers (2 from ICRC clinic team and 1 from UNICEF) in addition to killing a UNICEF doctor, and two workers from the International Organization for Migration. On the military side, the terror group abducted at least three soldiers, killed three Mobile Policemen attached to an internally displaced person camp and made away with a military truck and an Armored personnel carrier belonging to the Nigerian army.

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Rann is a small town in Borno State, Northeastern Nigeria, and home to a camp for internally displaced people. In January 2017, a Nigerian military jet mistakenly bombed a refugee camp, killing more than 100 people. Many civilians including personnel of International Committee of the Red Cross and Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) were wounded in the attack.

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Source: Instablog/Sahara reports

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