Top 6 Massive Mansion,which Nigerian celebrities own,The most Expensive.

Often times when celebrities hit it big it starts to reflect on their way of life and their choice of properties, houses, cars, clothings and more.

Despite the fact that some of these celebrities have been in the business for quite a while, it took a while before they could build or purchase these radiant houses. In the event that you take a survey on these properties, you’d be overwhelmed with its uniqueness, a reasonable picture that these properties had a great deal of appropriate planning with a ton of cash spent on them.

Without further ado, we will take a view at five houses of a portion of your most loved celebrities which are amazing and would make you want to become a wealthy celebrity (Say a silent prayer).

1. Timaya

He is presumably the most stylish among his colleagues from this part of of the world with his dazzling fashion taste. So it didn’t come as a surprise when Timaya chose to procure a mansion that could be mistaken for a three-star hotel.

No jokes, however Timaya has a standout amongst the most lovely houses owned by Nigerian celebrities. Before him flaunting his mansion, Timaya was extremely private about his riches thus when he chose to share photographs of his mansion we weren’t astonished.

The house is so excellent and extensive that his closet may be bigger than your whole house (No offense).

2. Peter Okoye

We generally knew Peter Okoye to be that person with such a great amount of taste from the sort of vehicles he owns to his lovely spouse. Peter Okoye use to inhabit at the famous ‘SquareVille’ with his twin sibling, Paul until they both secured their individual properties.

A closer view at Peter’s living room would blow your mind as it is so huge. A truly perceptible element in the lounge room is the superb TV! Alright, folks, amid a visit around the house on MTV Base’s ‘Celebrity Living’ Peter got the chance to show off his astonishing kitchen and guess what?. He has a private cinema and studio in his home.

3. Mercy Aigbe

Mercy Aigbe is the most recent superstar to join the rundown of famous people who possess palatial chateaus. You would be correct if you say the house stands tall among houses owned by celebrities.

Despite the fact that Mercy hasn’t showed us the insides of the wonderful house, we know it won’t be a different story as it could have one of the most colourful interiors around because we know Mercy loves to play around with colours. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and wait to see how she decorates the house.

4. Paul Okoye

Paul Okoye simply like his twin sibling, Peter has an astonishing preference for tasteful things, thus his choice to possess a palatial manor.

Paul Okoye’s mansion has a comparable look to that of his twin sibling with an astounding lounge room that brags of the best in class contraptions.

5. Kanayo O. Kanayo

Kanayo O. Kanayo may be the most established celebrity on this rundown yet he beyond any doubt makes it to this gathering for clear reasons. In 2017, Kanayo O Kanayo, KOK as he is fondly called dedicated his country home located at his hometown in Imo state and we got to see how beautiful his mansion is.

Despite the fact that he didn’t share a great deal of photographs of the inside of the house, we could see by means of his Instagram page a touch of the wonderful lounge and its expensive leather chairs.

6. AY

This list won’t be complete if we fail to include AY’s palatial building which he completed in December 2018 and it was actually his second house. The new mansion boost of a swimming pool, cinema, massive closet, and studio.

Another interesting feat of the mansion is that it is located on a street which is named after the comedian and actor.

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