How my Boss infected me with HIV/AID After one night.

The 26-year old manKimtai Kemboi. [Source/Switchtv]

A 26-year old man by the name Kimtai Kemboi come out to narrate how he ended up being HIV positive in a show Real talk on Switch TV.

According to Kemboi, he dropped out of high school in later stages due to lack of fees.

He came to Nairobi a 22-years-old to hustle in order to raise school fees and that’s when he met a woman who became his boss and he served as a gardens boy.

As time passed, he became more close to his boss, who was a single mother.

At some point, the lady offered to educate him on one condition.

“She said if I sleep with her she will educate me and because I was very desperate and confused,  I gave in,” said Kemboi.

This happened only once in 2013 according to Kemboi.

Kemboi said he believes the lady knew she was HIV positive and feels she intentionally infected him, taking advantage of his naivety.

“I think she knew(she is HIV positive),  so she did it(infected me) intentionally, ” said Kemboi.

Two years later, when he was walking,  he came across a mobile VCT and just made the decision out of just curiosity to be tested, in his mind he was sure he is negative at that point.

After the first test returned positive he was confused,  left the VCT  convincing himself that it was a bad test. He went for four other tests at different facilities but the results never changed.

Tracing back,  the woman she ever had intercourse with was the boss and no one else,  that is when it dawned on him.

He lived in denial for a long time,  not taking medications, with time he got convinced to start taking medication in 2016 and his life has changed since as he later became open and free to share his story.

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