he continue touching me at that spot,until I get bursted,A lady Narrate her sexual experience.

The finger continued tapping around that spot until i felt like bursting apart.

The heat was spreading all through my body like wildfire. (Pinterest)

Fingers gropped my body and i couldn’t stop it. My heart beat very fast and i could feel my clammy skin.


Every sensation was heightened and it made my skin crawl. I tried to scream for help, but i couldn’t get any sound past my wooly throat.

Fingers gently eased off my panties, while arousing voices muttered in my ear.. “It’s okay,” they crooned.

I screamed in my head. It’s not okay.. I didn’t consent to this. The next moment, the fingers that plunged into my core made a lie of that statement. I consented, but my body betrayed me.

I felt the fingers spread my wetness around and around. They wiped it on my thighs and the breeze made it cold on my skin.


I could feel tears seep from my eyes and a finger gently wiping it off, telling me not to cry, I’d love it.

I wanted to cry “yes bastard! That’s what’s making me teary! The fact that I’m going to love getting raped!”

Warm lips gently wrapped their warmth around my pussy and i jerked in my bonds. Yes, I’m bound.

The pleasure was crazy and it made me spasm.
The pleasure was crazy and it made me spasm. (Pinterest)

I looked down and saw the head bobbing in between my legs. The pleasure was crazy and it made me spasm.

Jesus, how can this be so delicious, I thought desperately. I felt self hatred wash through me. I’m a despicable bitch i thought.

Indescribable feelings…

The tongue gently swiped around my clit and then moved down, then dug into my hole. I wanted to scream from pleasure.

I could feel the wetness drip down to my taint. The tongue licked it up and then dug deep into my cunt.

I wiggled in my bonds- yes, i was tied and spread wide open for their assault. The tongue wiggled in deeper and a gasp ensued.

I was going mad. The heat was spreading all through my body like wildfire. A mouth covered my lips and kissed me deep.

Delicious kisses…

I didn’t know when i started kissing back. The sensations were crazy, being kissed in both my upper and lower lips at the same time.

The person below gave my cunt a last kiss and i guess they exchanged positions, because the mouth that began kissing me was tasting of pussy juice – mine i guess.

This went on for innumerable seconds or eons, i don’t even know. I wanted to go crazy. When getting raped, you’d expect harsh and angry sex, but no this.

I didn't know when i started kissing back.
I didn’t know when i started kissing back. (Pinterest)

Suddenly, what they wanted came clear to my mind. They wanted to break me with pleasure. They wanted my forceful consent. They wanted me to beg.

I vowed never to fall for their ploy. The vow didn’t last a second because the person below gently inserted a finger into me and started wiggling it.

Roving tongues..

My cunt muscles spasmed around that digit and I began begging from my mind. A Hands cupped my breast and tweaked the nipple.

Then another pair of mouth clamped around the other tit and gently bit the nipple. I felt my vow crumble like it never existed.

The finger in my cunt curved in an ungodly arch and tapped against my spot. I felt firelight shatter behind my eyelids. It made all the other feelings pale in comparison.

The finger continued tapping around that spot until i felt like bursting apart. The finger moved fast while the tongue lashed my clit.

I could sense my orgasm closing in on me, but still, i didn’t beg. As i was at the brink of cumin, the fingers withdrew and the tongue on my clit slowed.

I want it…

I found my hips moving restlessly to have that finger back in me. The finger just teased my pussy lips but didn’t enter. When the wave subsided, the finger pierced me again.

This game continued for uncountable times until my mind became hazed and I started begging to be fucked. I screamed to be fucked, but my voice came out in a whisper.

I came and came and came..
I came and came and came.. (Pinterest)

“we didn’t catch that” they crooned. I started crying and begging for them to fuck me.

“No, beg us to rape you”. They said. I didn’t hesitate

“please rape me” I said over and over in a crazied lust induced chant, the finger deep in my cunt, tapping my spot.

“Your mistake”. They grinned. I saw their crazied expression moments before a huge cock split me apart.

I came and came and came.. A wave of self loathing feeling me, still as i came like a river, spewing pussy juice every where.

I woke up from my dream. Damn! My fantasies are getting out of hand.

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