CONFESSION!!I married an older woman,now I cry every Night.

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Self declared boy child President Cyprian Nyakundi has always warned us against marrying this over 27 year ladies. These are women who want to control men.

If a woman is not married beyond this age, she has a problem and you must stay as far away from her as possible. The problem is that men never never listen. A man has confessed how he has been frustrated by his older wife.

“I’m 30 years old and cohabiting (two and a half years now) with my girlfriend who is 43.

We have an adorable daughter. However, whenever we have arguments she says I’m childish. Secondly, sex has become a very rare item in this come-we-stay relationship.

I have never cheated before and I’m really considering doing it now because my agemates are banging like crazy, whereas I’m getting almost none. Or could her age be the reason why she is not interested? Thirdly, do you think we have any chance of spending our lives together?”

What advice can you give to this loser?

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