it looks as If the heat just got turned on Bushiri.

The Home Affairs Department has told Eyewitness News that its investigating self-acclaimed prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s residency in the country.

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Bushiri and his wife Mary, who both lead the Enlightened Christian Gathering Church, have drawn much attention after they were charged with fraud and money laundering. The Malawian nationals are out on bail and will be back in court in May.

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The department says the investigation into Bushiri’s residency is a routine exercise to assist in the ongoing investigation The department says that Bushiri first entered South Africa in September 2009 but only acquired permanent residency which would have allowed him to run his church in May 2016.

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But his church is recorded to have been active in South Africa already in 2012. Home Affairs says that the investigation is to establish compliance with the Immigration Act. Officials say their investigation should be complete by the end of this week.

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