7 years Ago i got my best friend mum pregnant,Man confesses publicly.

A man has revealed that he got his best friend’s mom pregnant, and the friend is yet to know about it. Taking to popular social media platform, the man identified as, Matt Mogotlane, made this known while reacting to the viral, ‘O jewa ke eng?’ He wrote; “7 years ago I got my best friend’s mom pregnant, till this day my best friend still doesn’t know that his younger brother is also my son.”

Just as expected, a lot of people has since reacted to the revelation, with many expressing their shock. See some reactions gathered by LailasNews below;

 @joneskhumbuzo – Oh well you’re not an awesome human being, uncolile ndoda, undlulele…

@mayomi92 – Lmao his dad could be your father too😂😂

@hazidajimmy – I never thought tht life is this hard lmao

@Iam_harthom It really opened my mouth wider

@SirHilman – “My younger brother looks so much like my best friend and acts like him, I got a picture of him with my best friend and I’ve been investigating and I’m 80% sure he’s the father. He’s 6”. 😂

@StoffelKagisho – OK, OK. We get it, tell us your best friend’s Twitter handle, just want to see something.

@Simphiwe_m0 – You people make me feel like I lose sleep over silly things.

Source: Laila’s blog.

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