TWO African immigrants found in a mattres,as they want to cross Europe.

After the top of a mattress is cut open, an African migrant is discovered in the first documented attempt to smuggle a person into Spain using a bed. The incident is filmed in Melilla, a territory of Spain located on the north African coast. In the footage recorded on Sunday, December 30, 2018, security men dressed in Guardia Civil uniform lift off the beds from a vehicle and cut them open with knives.

After inspection, two black males are uncovered in what Sky News identifies as “a novel way for people to have been smuggled across the border.” Reports confirm that this is the first documentation of an attempt to enter Spain using a mattress. The drifters are recovered in healthy condition when border guards found them. As a result needed no medical attention says a report by Sky News.

The footage inspires a conversation following a tweet by a senator from the Basque separatist party EH Bildu identified as Jon Inarritu.His post is with a good intention calling for a safe way to seek asylum. A desire for a better living condition and the issue of poverty are some of the reasons many Africans have left their countries for the shores of Europe.

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Nigeria’s poverty ratingNigeria is rated high on a list of countries with people living in extreme poverty. It has overtaken India which used to occupy top spot. Street begging, frequent robberies and sometimes fetish murders, are often the outcome in a country challenged with creating sufficient employment for its citizens. In December 2018, a video of a group of persons reportedly filtering cooking oil collected from a gutter, has been identified as one of the obvious effects of poverty in the oil-rich state.According to a report released by The World Poverty Clock in June 2018, Nigeria has surpassed India as the country with the most poor people in the world.

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Chart representing the countries with extreme poverty.The West African nation leads at 86.9 million in a chart revealing the parts of the world filled with persons living in extreme poverty. It is estimated that the number will go up by the year 2050, in anticipation of a population boom. This projection will make it unlikely for the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) to end extreme poverty by 2030.

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