My name is Duba Sakala, 42 years old and am HIV +. And I see jaws drop.lol. I tested HIV + in 2001 when I was engaged to be married.My then fiance tested negative as we had a non sexual relationship (we wanted to wait till we were married). Well, he since left me but that’s a story for another day.

I have had TB three times and meningitis two times. The worst was cryptoccocal (sp) meningitis which almost took my life in 2005. Luckily enough, ARVs had been introduced and I was commenced on treatment.

Am currently undetectable though I still have challenges with my CD4 count. Why am I sharing this? Am sharing this because I want people out there to know that HIV is not a death sentence anymore.

And that with early detection and early treatment you can live a happy and healthy lifestyle. I started keeping fit in 2010 after my then Doctor (the late Dr Mwanza) told me I had gained too much weight for my height. This was due to the drug they had put me on. This has greatly helped in my staying healthy though I have scarring on my lungs due to the TB and so I suffer from frequency bouts of flu and cough.

I had Amari in 2016 and because I was undetectable, I did not pass on the virus to him despite me breastfeeding him. To cut the long story short, HIV is not a death sentence anymore. So stop the stigma and get tested.

As my late friend Darren Ravenor would say “luv you for free”. Thanks to Comrade Derricks Mwendafilumba for giving me the courage to do this. Have a blessed weekend!

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