Single father wear Dress on mothers day Event,and people call him Best mother of 2018.

Mother’s Day is celebrated in unique ways all around the world. But for those whose mothers aren’t around, for a variety of reasons, the holiday can be tough.

One single dad decided to make Mother’s Day as happy an event as possible for his sons — by wearing a dress.

Chatchai “Sam” Panuthai is from Kanchanaburi, Thailand. He’s raising his two sons, Imsome and Ozone, all by himself.

In Thailand, families traditionally celebrate Mother’s Day with a special ceremony at school. Mothers come to visit their children’s classrooms, where students kneel at their mothers’ feet to thank them.

Imsome and Ozone’s mother wasn’t around to attend the ceremony.

But Chatchai didn’t want his kids to feel left out with no parent there. So instead, Chatchai simply wore a dress and went to his children’s school himself to do mom duty.

A friend captured the special occasion and posted it on Facebook, where it racked up millions of views, and a lot of love.

Kornpat Sukhom / Facebook

Mother’s Day is celebrated on August 12 in Thailand.

Kornpat Sukhom / Facebook

Every Mother’s Day, schools hold a ceremony where children kneel at their mother’s feet in gratitude.

Kornpat Sukhom / Facebook

Chatchai is divorced from the mother of his children, who now lives in Europe.

1643667182548995 / Facebook

Imsome is 3 years old, while Ozone is 5.

Kornpat Sukhom / Facebook

Their mom couldn’t attend the ceremony.

“[Chatchai] wanted the children not to feel left out because their mother had left them,” a family friend, Konpat Ae Sukhom, told Inside Edition.

Kornpat Sukhom / Facebook

So he put on a dress and went to the school.

Kornpat Sukhom / Facebook

Kornpat captured the moment and posted it on Facebook.

It now has over 6 million views and counting.

Kornpat Sukhom / Facebook

“Everyone enjoyed it and all laughed and took photos with him,” Kornpat told Buzzfeed News.

“His two sons weren’t quite sure what was going on and why Dad was wearing a dress.”

Kornpat Sukhom / Facebook

“So cute.”

Maybe Chatchai’s sons were confused, but everyone else got the idea and they found it ridiculously heartwarming.

Kornpat Sukhom / Facebook

“Why am I crying?”

Kornpat Sukhom / Facebook

“So touching. Cry.”

Kornpat Sukhom / Facebook

“This is so cute. I love it.”

1643667182548995 / Facebook

“I admire the father who is willing to make you happy with your willingness to fulfill your child. Really appreciate it.”

1643667182548995 / Facebook

“How many fathers can love you like this?”

Clearly, Chatchai is one special dad.

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