hear and be heard: Gwanda Teacher ACCUSSED of impregnating 2pupils



A Goodvale Primary School teacher at Goodvale Farm in Thornwood is in trouble after a Grade 7 pupil came forward and accused him of being responsible for the three-month pregnancy that she is carrying. The teacher had the 14-year-old girl for breakfast (break time) and lunch and the sex encounters happened in the classroom, said girl when she spoke to The Mirror on Monday.
Matebeleland south Provincial Education Director, Lifeus Masukume confirmed the case
The mother of the girl sobbed throughout the interview.
It never rains but pours for the teacher who is also being blamed for the pregnancy of another Grade 7 pupil. However, sources said that the second pupil is refusing to name the teacher as the father because her parents have been paid four goats.
Three other girls are said to be ready to bring forth allegations of sexual abuse against the teacher.
The pregnant girl said her teacher started abusing her during second term last year.
“During break he would call me to the classroom whilst others were away and sleep with me.
“He told me that he was about to do something and threatened to deal with me if I told anyone. He started touching my breasts and all over. When l tried to run away he picked a whip on the book shelf and threatened to beat me up. He slept with me and this continued until l finished writing exams. l did not tell anyone because l was afraid that he will beat me up,” said the girl
“When I realized that my daughter’s behavior had changed I tried to talk to her but she was mum. I then engaged an elderly member of our church and that is when she revealed the whole abuse.
“The matter was reported to Collen Bawn Police and the teacher was arrested. He will appear in court on February 27,” said Dube.

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