signs you are blocking wealth for coming to you

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If you can’t manage your savings, you won’t have anything to show for in the form of wealth. [Photo/Nation]

Health may come slowly, but it goes quite really too fast. When you don’t have the money or the wealth and life is not as it should be, you tend to make an attempt to make everything better. In the process of accumulating the wealth, which is basically in the form of cash, you may make mistakes due to desperation and end up blocking it from actually entering your life.

Here are some of the signs you could be blocking wealth and abundance from entering your life.

1. Focusing on lack

Once you start focusing on what is not available and forget what you already have, you stand to lose a lot more than you can really imagine. Once you focus on unrealistic stuff that you do not have, there is a very high chance that you risk losing the little you have as well as missing out on what you just wish to have. Focusing on the lack will only damage your chances.

2. Constant complaints

People who complain too much about what is and what should be or what should have been usually end up losing too much. Complaining how this should have ended up there and not here will make you miss out on way too many opportunities. You should just focus on building yourself instead of complaining.

3. Jealousy

When you are jealous about anyone else because of their successes or because of what they have, you get to lose too much. You will spend most of your time looking at the other person instead of trying to improve yourself.

4. Refusing to acknowledge

You should always learn to acknowledge others for their successes.  It is the only way and the first step towards self satisfaction.

5. Imbalances in savings

Once you can’t balance and lay out your savings, it becomes difficult to even have anything at all for yourself. If you can’t manage your own savings, there can be no way whatsoever to be successful wealthy.


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