OH MY GOD!checkout the parts of woman Body they are now using for Rituals.

According to a Nigerian digital strategist, women natural hair is now being targeted by ritualist as it is now allegedly being used for money rituals.

The popular digital strategist known as, AURA ❤️COOL on Twitter, wrote that a friend told him about the new system being used by ritualist in the country.

He claimed that a nylon full of natural hair now sells for N450k for ritualist.

See what he wrote below;

A friend just sent me a Voice Note and it was shocking to hear her story.

Please ladies, if you visit the salon and they comb out your hair please pack it yourself and dispose it yourself.

A nylon full of women’s natural hair sells for N450K for ritualists.

Please be WARNED !

Taking to his page earlier today, AURA ❤️COOL, went on to share the voice note in which the allegations was made.

See below;

A few days ago i mentioned how a friend of mine sent me a VN of how ritualists now hunt Hair salons to get Female human Hair (of which a full nylon bag goes for N450K)

Please listen to the FULL story here and share so every lady you knoe is aware

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  1. Oh my goodness! Where does these ritualists want women to run to? Before it was pant, now it’s hair. God have mercy

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