pastor Alph Lukau breaks his silence,while CYRIL Ramaphosa wades in.

Pastor Alph Lukau
Pastor Alph Lukau

Image: Alleluia Ministries International via Facebook

Pastor Alph Lukau has broken his silence following criticism of the supposed resurrection of a dead man which happened at his Sandton church, Alleluia Ministries, at the weekend.

During an interview on PowerFM on Wednesday afternoon, Lukau said the only time he had restored life was to an unborn child whose mother had alleged that she had been told the child had died in the womb.

“The heartbeat could not be detected before but after the prayer, they [were] told the child is fine,” said Lukau.

The pastor who found himself in the middle of mass criticism from the public and other men of the cloth, added that he had no power to resurrect a person from the dead “except if God used him as an instrument”.

He reiterated what his church officials said, that Sunday’s incident, where a dead man known by the name of Elliot arose from a coffin after being declared dead, was not his doing.

Lukau said he had been informed that a person in a coffin had been brought to the church and before they had entered the premises, the coffin had begun to shake, suggesting that the person was alive.

He said all he had done was pray for the man and join in rejoicing in the miracle that they had just witnessed.

“Hearing that the person was alive, it was an amazing thing. We have never heard of such a thing as Alleluia Ministries … We always read of those in the Bible but have never had it,” said Lukau.

He said people, including the media, had made assumptions on what had happened without having properly watched the live stream of the incident.

Lukau emphasised that prior to this miracle, he had never seen Elliot or his family.

Following the service, he claimed to have had no further contact with them either.

While he hoped they would return to church on Sunday, he feared the criticism may result in them staying away.

Questioned on allegations that the church had hired the hearse from a funeral parlour, Lukau poured cold water on those claims.

“Perhaps they wanted to say that they had a dealing with the family, [not the church],” Lukau said.

Meanwhile, while the weekend resurrection continued to trend, President Cyril Ramaphosa has weighed in on the matter.

Speaking at the launch of the ANC’s Western Cape election drive in Cape Town, Ramaphosa suggested that a solution was needed.

“How can we work together to ensure that we rid our country of bogus religious leaders who are taking our people for a ride? [People] who are doing things that are just completely shocking of trying to hoodwink the whole nation and saying that somebody has been raised from the dead? [People] who are actually [taking]the name of the Lord, of God and of churches into disrepute?” he asked.

ASO ROCK IN CRISIS!as ATIKU produce video of APC Reckless Rigging.

The Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Atiku Abubakar, in the just concluded Presidential election, is confident of victory, when he formally institutes an election petition case against President Muhammadu Buhari, and the All Progressives Congress, APC, Post Nigeria reports.

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It was learnt that one major reason for this, is the wide-range availability of video evidence to back up his claims of non-voting, voter intimidation, ballot box snatching and destruction, illegal vote cancellation, and deliberate voter disenfranchisement.

However, Atiku has already rejected the results, alleging among others, the suppression of votes in his strongholds, an action he described as “so apparent and amateurish”, and one that makes him “ashamed as a Nigerian, that such could be allowed to happen”.

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He consequently rejected “the result of the February 23, 2019 sham election”, and vowed to challenge it in court.

“We are going to court; that is the major thing we can do now, except we are looking towards chaos, and nobody wants chaos”, one of Atiku’s Associates, who requested not to be named, revealed.

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“And again, there is a lot wrong with the election figures. Cancelled votes in Kano were over 2 million; then the difference between accredited voters and actual voters is over 700,000 there as well, which shows there are a lot of discrepancies in the figures. We are still working with some of the documents, and I know that for like three days, they have been gathering more and more.”

He also said that a lot of the claims being made by Atiku and the PDP, are backed up by video taping, as the party prepared in advance for the rigging, by sending agents with hidden cameras to the field.

“There are a lot of videos, of course, because there were body cameras on some of the Agents that went to the polling units and ward collation centres”, he said.

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“Those ones will be tendered as evidence; and there are some other ones I will not want you to be privy to for now.

“Atiku has set forth to go to the Supreme Court, so he is not even thinking of the Tribunal. Of course, we will start with the Tribunal, but we know that once the Tribunal gives a judgement, the President will definitely appeal against it, if the judgement is against him. The game plan Atiku has given us is for the Supreme Court. He is going all out; he is going totally for it. Atiku is not someone that will start something and will stop halfway, without seeing it off till the very end. He is going all out.”

Credit: PostNG

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couples killed and dump their 6months old baby.

Parents arrested for doing THIS unspeakable thing to their baby

Police searched a landfill Monday in Corona, California, in hopes of finding the body of a 6-month-old boy who disappeared in January. However, the infant, Jacsun Manson, was not found and police plan to resume their search at a later date. Meanwhile, on Monday, the boy’s parents, Adam Manson, 34, and Kianna Williams, 32, were served with an arrest warrant for murder, Culver City Police Lt. Troy Dunlap tells PEOPLE. The couple has been in custody since Jan. 3 on suspicion of vehicle theft, the Los Angeles Times reports.

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“Detectives have developed reason to believe that Adam Manson and Kianna Williams are responsible for the disappearance and death of their six-month-old son Jacsun,” Culver City Police said in a statement. “We also believe that after his death, Adam and Kianna discarded Jacsun’s body in a dumpster near the Crenshaw Mall in Los Angeles.”

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The dumpster is emptied at the El Sobrante Landfill in Corona, where more than 20 police personnel and volunteers searched the site Monday, according to ABC7. The infant was last seen alive on Dec. 31 with his parents in a stolen blue 2006 PT Cruiser, which had a missing bumper and the license plates removed.

Jacsun was reported missing by the Los Angeles County Department of Child and Family Services on Jan. 25. It was not immediately clear if Manson and Williams have retained an attorney who could comment on their behalf.

Source: People

A 34 year igbo man beaten to death by foreign policemen.

CHAOS As 34-year-Old Igbo Man Is Allegedly Beaten To Death By Foreign Policemen 

Following the death of one, protesters, on Tuesday, took over the notorious Omonia police station, to demand justice after the beating to death of a Nigerian father of two who died in police custody on February 8, 2019. An investigation into the death of a 34-year-old Ebuka at the Omonia police precinct earlier this month has not found any signs of police violence, the Athens police headquarters (GADA) said on Saturday.

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The statement was issued in response to media reports suggesting that the 34-year-old Ebuka, who recently became a father for the second time, suffered a beating at the hands of officers prior to his collapse in the waiting room of the Omonia police precinct on February 8 after an officer demanded his data verification.

The results of toxicology tests are still pending, along with a full coroner’s report, the statement said. Representatives of the Nigerian community have suggested that the man’s death was the result of police violence, with the United African Women Organization Greece claiming in a post on Facebook that the 34-year-old was “beaten to death,” “murdered” by Greek police officers.


Protesters gathered outside the Omonia police station on Thursday, demanding answers.  A Greek man who witnessed the assault against Ebuka in front of his shop where he sold bracelets, allegedly shouted at the police to stop beating him, but they refused.

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The march, organized among others by the Movement Against Racism and the Fascist Threat (KEERFA), started in Propylaea at 6 p.m.

A lot of Nigerians have met their untimely end in foreign countries on both legitimate and illegitimate grounds. Ebuka’s case is just one of the many cases and we hope the culprits are brought to book and justice is served as this might cause a strain in the relationship between the two countries.

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The United Nations, African Union (AU) and ECOWAS have urged political parties to exercise restraint as the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, announces results of the presidential and National Assembly elections.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that in a statement by the international bodies made available on Tuesday by the ECOWAS Commission, they also urged candidates to continue to exercise patience for the complete results.

“The attention of the ECOWAS, AU and the UN has been drawn to the rejection of the results of the presidential election of Feb.23, 2019 by one of the participating political parties, even as they are still in the process of being released.

“ECOWAS, AU and the UN call on all candidates, political parties and indeed all Nigerians to continue to exercise patience, calm and restraint, in order to allow for the full results of the election to be released by INEC,” the statement read.

They further encouraged aggrieved parties and persons to resort to legal means to seek redress, in accordance with the Constitution and relevant laws, as agreed in the Peace Accord of February 13.

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