Take care of my Daughter I still want your Banana.

Take care of my daughter but i still want your banana - Mother to son in law
Take care of my daughter but i still want your banana – Mother to son in law

A young lady on her sister’s wedding day caught her mother having an affair with her sister’s husband on their wedding day.

According to the post the young lady shared on Instagram, her sister and the husband gave her their phones to keep on their wedding day and upon several calls from the groom’s friends’ trying to locate the wedding venue, her sister’s husband gave her the password to his phone so she got the opportunity to reply to some friends.

After replying some friends on the WhatsApp contact list she got attracted to a name on the list with the name ‘mother in law’ with love smiley, so she clicked to read the chat and to her surprise, she realized her mother has been sleeping with her sister’s husband.

In the chat, her mother told her sister’s husband to take care of her daughter but he should remember to visit her from time to time for their usual ‘adult game’. The mother also requested a picture of his dick for the last time.

Read her post here:

“This is very hard for me so I decided to share this chat, please edit the phone numbers.
My elder sister wedded today, they should be in the hotel room now having fun with her husband.
I was the one holding my sister’s phone and her husband’s phone in the church and reception, her husband wanted me to reply a message that case into his phone, someone calling and asking for direction so he gave me his password when I called his attention to the disturbing call.
I replied the message and something just said just read more , then I saw this chat on WhatsApp.
What attracted me was the fact that I saw mother in law with love smiley so I clicked his chat and saw this, I don’t even know what to say .
This was the only chat because I guess he chats and delete .
I quickly screenshot it and sent to my phone, I guess he might find out because I forgot to delete it .
I hands was shaking , this bastard is sleeping with my mum and why is he marrying my sister.
My mood changed and I hated him from that moment, I had to give the phones to the chief bridesmaid and left the wedding .
Bom should I tell my sister or confront my mother ?
I feel so terrible carrying this .
I could kill my Mum, my dad is late who can I talk to, this is too heavy for me to carry alone”.

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