WATCH how zodwa responds to HIV claims

In a video shared on Instagram, Zodwa made it clear that her status is private and that she will not give in to insensitive comments. Zodwa said that she decided to speak out because of the insulting comments she gets. “I have friends who are infected by HIV/Aids and who are constantly looked down upon. As Zodwa I stand up for the people.

“I have grown up being called nasty names. People always make jokes about HIV and say that I sleep around and I should be HIV positive or that it will catch up with me,” she told the publication. Zodwa says, “I am not the kind of person that will get sensitive and defend myself. Instead, I will fight back. It is not their right to ‘out’ people, or force people to reveal their status. They are being bullies if they are and so I will tell them that. Your status is your business. It is yours, embrace it. Don’t allow others to make a mockery of it.” Zodwa explained.

“I have friends who are infected by HIV/ Aids and who are constantly looked down upon. Zodwa may have been criticized by some for the way she spoke about the subject so casually, but the star said she was just speaking from the heart. “I talk about it like they speak about it in the hood like it needs to be spoken about. Who is better placed to speak about it than me? There are no people better to speak about it than me. I speak about how it is. I don’t care what people say about me but I will defend the people. This is an issue that is affecting all of us.” Zodwa added.

She said what irritated her the most were people who pretended to be champions of the fight against HIV/ Aids but gossiped about other people behind closed doors. “You can’t be asking people what is wrong with them when they are sick but you have already decided in your head that they are HIV positive. People are so good about saying things behind closed doors and then come out in public and say ‘Happy Aids Day’. I am not like that.” she said.

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