A man hang himself and son

Members of the police and staff of the forensic services carry away the two bodies.

The police are investigating a murder-suicide, after a 25-year-old man allegedly hanged his 16- month-old-son before hanging himself at his house at Maebane on Sunday morning.

The incident left the community and the family with many unanswered questions. The news of the incident spread like wildfire and within short space of time people from the surrounding areas were gathering at the scene.

The wife of the deceased, Ms Nkhumeleni Ramuluvhana, said that Mr Collen Matambela had visited her at her house and asked for their son and he left with little Rinae Junior Ramuluvhana.

According to her, the deceased later phoned and told her that she had seen him and the child for the last time. She said that he then continued to phone, repeating what he was saying, upon which she rushed to the satellite police station to report the matter to the police. When she arrived at the scene with the police, it was too late.

Limpopo Mirror paid the family a visit on Sunday. Relatives and neighbours were comforting the family, while other relatives were busy cleaning the yard.

Ms Lilian Matambela, sister of Matambela, said the incident had caught them off guard. “It came as a shock to us, having to lose two people in one day. We are very sad,” she said.

Thovhele Vho-Vele Kutama said the incident had come as a shock to him. “We have not experienced anything of this nature before, and this has left the village in a state of shock. All we can do now is to make an appeal to the community not to resort to violence as a way out of their problems,” he said.

According to the spokesperson for the SAPS, Lt-Col Moatshe Ngoepe, the circumstances leading to the tragedy are still sketchy, but the man is suspected of having accused his wife of having a lover. “We have opened an inquest case,” said Ngoepe.

“We would like to urge people to desist from violence in the event of misunderstandings. They should rather try to resolve their disputes in an amicable manner or opt for counselling to avoid unnecessary loss of life,” said Ngoepe. He is now calling upon all people who might be having marital problems to consult the social workers for counselling, rather than resorting to killing each other.

Depressed wife, Ms Nkhumeleni Ramuluvhana.

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